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Compelling Evidence

by Meghan O’Brien

Copyright.©Meghan O’Brien 2002

Detective Jane Grayson only faltered slightly as she rounded the corner, mid-laugh, and raised amused eyes to see Laura Michaels, assistant district attorney and semi-regular visitor to the precinct, talking quietly to another detective across the room.  The detective currently holding her attention had his back to Jane and across from him Laura was standing with her arms crossed, facing towards her, a steady gaze trained at her companion’s face.  Detective Grayson only faltered slightly, it was true, but her focus turned immediately from the anecdote her partner Tom had been relating to the stunningly beautiful woman she now found in her sight.  Lucky day, she thought happily.

As if sensing the scrutiny she was under, Laura suddenly shifted her light blue eyes over the shoulder of the faceless detective, who continued to talk and gesture with his hands.  Jane swore she could see the corner of the redhead’s mouth turn up slightly as she acknowledged the detective staring at her from across the room with a slight nod of the head.  She held the lawyer’s gaze for bold seconds, offering Laura a lopsided grin and a nod of her own.

It pleased Jane when Laura broke their eye contact to glance down almost bashfully.  Even from across the room, the detective could sense a slight blush rising in the other woman’s cheeks.

This was the game they had played for six months now.  Ever since the first time Jane had seen the redheaded attorney across the precinct, talking to her Captain and nodding intently as she received his responses, they’d played a visual tug of war.  Back and forth, surreptitious glances and bold, blatant contemplations, they’d carried on entire conversations with their eyes.  Jane was always quietly thrilled to catch the lawyer staring at her over the thin black frames of her glasses and never missed an opportunity to return the looks.

The funny thing was, even after Jane had been properly introduced to Laura during an investigation she was conducting, and even after the two women began to speak on regular terms about case-related matters, the staring game continued.  In fact, it seemed to intensify.

“You know, you could try and pretend to listen to me,” she heard Tom say suddenly, close to her ear.  She blinked and turned to look a little sheepishly at her partner.  The taller black man smiled at her easily, assuaging her of any guilty feelings.  He leaned over again to whisper in her ear, “Holy shit, she’s hot today”.

Jane murmured her assent and snuck another peek at the district attorney, who was now doing the talking.  Laura was breathtaking, as usual, dressed in a sharp black business suit and white blouse.  Her shoulder-length auburn hair cascaded evenly around the crown of her head, impeccably styled.  The oceanic blue eyes framed by black wire glasses sat just above an elegant nose and the softest, fullest red lips the detective had ever seen.  Jane sighed a little and sat down, turning to face an amused Tom.

“Oh, shut up,” she grinned, forcing her cockiness back to the front and tamping down on the doe-eyed lovesick bullshit that it seemed only a certain legal type could inspire.

“I didn’t say a word,” Tom rolled his eyes, turning in his chair while suppressing a chuckle.

“It’s not even that funny,” Jane grumbled, shuffling a stack of papers that were lying on her desk with two distracted hands.

“What’s not funny?” a deep, melodic voice asked from directly in front of Jane’s desk.  Jane looked up, surprised to find Laura standing over her, briefcase at her side, half-smile on her young face.  She nearly blushed, hoping that the lawyer hadn’t witnessed the exchange between the two detectives, but fought down embarrassment and instead flashed Laura the same cocky grin she’d bestowed upon Tom.

“His lack of social skills.  It’s tragic, really, and I think he’s turning it into a joke simply so he can avoid dealing with it,” Jane replied, raising an eyebrow and tilting her head sympathetically towards her partner. Tom rolled his eyes again, eliciting a laugh from both women.

“On that note, I’m getting coffee,” Tom smirked, nodding as he stood up and left them alone.

“So, Ms. Michaels, what brings you to our happy little home?” Jane smiled.

“Would you believe it?  Crime and punishment,” the redhead retorted, returning the easy smile.

“And to my desk?” Jane lowered her voice suggestively, raising her eyebrow again.  She’d noticed that the eyebrow-raising thing seemed to get a good response from Laura and she wasn’t about to not take advantage of every little thing she could.

To her delight, Laura dropped her eyes momentarily, exhaling a little, and then looked back up at the detective with eyes slightly darker with desire.  Her red lips parted slightly, and Jane’s attention was drawn to the heady sight.

“Jackson Davis?” the lawyer offered after a long moment.  Jane blinked and frowned a little.  That wasn’t what she’d been hoping to hear.  Her mind was blank for a few moments and then she recalled why the name sounded familiar.

“Yeah… the trial starts on Monday.”

“Right.  I was wondering if we could go over your testimony a little beforehand.  I just want to make sure we have our bases covered,” Laura said, smiling.

Jane sighed.  God, she hated testifying.  On the bright side… more time spent with the attractive lawyer was never a bad thing.  She smiled slightly.

“Of course,” she replied, leaning back in her chair and folding strong hands behind her head.  “But do we have to talk here?” she looked around pointedly.

Laura frowned slightly, emulating the detective’s inspection of the room.  “Something wrong?” she asked.

“Nah… it’s just getting late, and I wouldn’t mind having some dinner…” Jane let that thought hang in the air, wondering how Laura would play this one.  She’s got to be interested.  You don’t play visual footsie with someone for six months if you’re not even slightly interested.  After a few moments of silence Jane worried that she’d finally pushed too far, that she’d totally misinterpreted the looks she’d been receiving from the lawyer.  Or maybe you’re just a safe little distraction here at work for her, something best kept in the realm of subtle flirting and fantasy.

Becoming uncharacteristically self-conscious and second-guessing herself, Jane almost retracted her offer the moment before the redheaded lawyer finally spoke.

“Tell you what… come to my place.  I’m not really in the mood to go out, but I can cook us a small dinner at my apartment,” Laura suggested a little cautiously, looking uncertain about whether the detective would decide that this was a worthwhile offer.

Jane grinned up at the other woman, her confidence back.  “Great, I’ll bring the wine.”


She’s coming here, Laura thought nervously, standing in the middle of her kitchen.  She chewed on her lip and glanced around, unable to move in the face of her sheer panic.  What the fuck do I do now?

Rather than think about the deeper implications of that question, Laura forced herself to walk to her fridge and open it, starting to gather the ingredients for a simple dinner of salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread. She wasn’t exactly the best cook, and she hoped her efforts in the kitchen this evening would be successful.  It was rare when she cooked at all, actually, as her career generally lent to a lifestyle of quick meals on the road or at the office.  She still couldn’t figure out why she’d offered to make dinner for Jane tonight.

Because I want her in my apartment, she conceded silently, unable to lie to herself any longer about her rampant and unexplainable attraction to the cocky detective.  Now the question is what the hell I’ll do when I’ve got her here?

The idea of being sexually attracted to another woman didn’t faze Laura and it certainly wasn’t a new notion to her.  However, despite the fact that she’d had her fair share of crushes on women, particularly during college, she’d never actually been with one.  This had more to do with a general disinterest in pursuing her social life at the expense of her career than with any moral dilemma or self-doubt.  She simply had never spent a lot of time focused on the business of seeking pleasure or even intimate relationships with other human beings.  In fact, she’d only ever slept with two men in her life, and only one of those had been within a serious relationship.

It hadn’t occurred to her that her lack of a social life and, perhaps more importantly, sexual fulfillment was a problem until she’d met Detective Jane Grayson.  As inexplicable as it seemed to her at the time, Laura had felt an immediate, powerful attraction to the slightly masculine detective and had indulged in an embarrassing number of fantasies about the woman since.  Every time she’d glance across the room to find the dark-haired cop brazenly staring at her, she couldn’t help but feel her face flush as she imagined those strong hands on her face, on her chest, that cocky grin on her own needy lips, those powerful shoulders…

Laura broke out of her reverie suddenly, aware that she was standing in the middle of her kitchen holding a box of spaghetti noodles with a silly smirk on her face.  She shook her head slightly and walked over to fill a pot with water to boil.

There was no doubt that she was interested in Jane.  The months of glances and pointed looks back and forth had thrilled the lawyer, who had certainly never engaged in anything as blatantly flirtatious with, well, anyone, before.  Despite the fact that the detective’s self-assured attitude intimidated her slightly, she also found that to be one of the most attractive things about the woman.  She sensed that the cocksure nature that seemed to exude from Detective Jane Grayson was only part of the story.  In fact, she was almost positive that beneath the confident exterior was a warm, passionate, romantic interior.  Most of her nighttime fantasies about the cop involved breaking through her cockiness to expose this other Jane, the one she rarely allowed herself to reveal within the precinct.

In fact, Laura had caught a glimpse of this other side once, though she was pretty sure that Jane had been unaware that she had been observed.  A woman had come into the precinct while Laura had been at another detective’s desk to collect some paperwork (and also, she acknowledged, for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her favorite dark-haired distraction).  The woman had obviously been a victim of some kind of assault; she was bruised and battered and shaking, on the verge of tears under the burden of whatever it was she was there to report.  Laura had watched as Jane suddenly noticed the upset victim across the room, and immediately she was on her feet, walking smoothly over to the traumatized woman, reaching down to without looking to grab a tissue as she passed by a desk.  When she reached the woman she immediately handed her the tissue and put a supportive hand on her arm, leaning in to talk quietly to her, and within moments she had managed to elicit a tentative smile, which grew larger and more genuine as Jane continued to talk.  By the time Jane started to lead the victim back to an interview room with a kind hand on her arm, the two of them were smiling and talking back and forth.  If Laura had to pinpoint a moment in time when she first became really interested in the detective, this would have been it.  It was the idea of this duality that fueled most of Laura’s nighttime fantasies.

With dinner now well underway, Laura stopped her nervous movement to glance at the glowing clock on her microwave.  6:50 p.m.  Shit.  Jane was due to arrive in about ten minutes.  Anxiously, she looked down and realized what she looked like.  She needed to find something halfway decent to wear.  Quickly.


Jane sat in her Ford pickup truck fiddling nervously with the bottle of wine she’d bought only a half hour ago, on her way from work and then straight to Laura Michaels’s apartment.  She felt wildly nervous, far more nervous than she normally felt when going out with a woman.  But then, this isn’t a date, she told herself.  Or is it?

The detective thought she had been interpreting all the signals right, from the subtle things like the way Laura’s breathing would change in the middle of a conversation, to the more obvious, like their constant looks back and forth.  She was pretty sure the redheaded lawyer was just as interested in Jane as she was with her.  But she just wasn’t positive.  This made her nervous, which she always tried to cover up with a cocky attitude, but she felt nervous nonetheless.  The last thing she wanted to do was offend Laura and she desperately didn’t want to strain the easy relationship they had now.  Sure, it consisted mostly of longing glances back and forth, but that was honestly better than nothing.  She truly believed Laura was a genuinely good person and she would simply be devastated to alienate her completely.

But she’s got to be interested, right?  I mean, I couldn’t be more obvious.  And she did offer to make me dinner.

With a shake of her head, Jane tightened her hold on the bottle of wine and swung open the door of her truck.  Willing her confidence to return, she hopped out of the vehicle and slammed it closed behind her.

Her will had diminished only a little by the time she’d reached the door to Laura’s apartment.  Taking a deep breath, she knocked sharply on the wood, feeling her heart skip a beat as she heard the telltale sound of feet moving towards the door.  When the door swung open to reveal the redhead, dressed more casually than Jane had ever seen her before in a pair of slightly baggy jeans and a green t-shirt, blue eyes nervous and warm behind small black glasses, she forgot her vow to be self-assured and she simply stood there and stared.  She looks even more beautiful this way.

After a moment Jane remembered to breath, and to smile, and she nervously held up the bottle in her hand.  “Wine,” she said, mentally slapping herself the moment the word left her mouth for her inability to think of something more eloquent.  Laura grinned.

“I see that,” the redhead smirked, taking a step back and extending an arm behind her.  “Come in”.

Jane took a quick step forward, hoping she hadn’t blushed at the exchange.  Clearing her throat, she said, “And you’re looking lovely this evening”.  She turned around and raised an eyebrow at the smiling lawyer.  “Got a hot date?”

Laura’s face colored almost instantly as she glanced down, and Jane didn’t bother to hide the fact that her smile grew in response.  The redhead boldly lifted her eyes, however, and gazed appreciatively at the detective.  “I’ll say,” she nearly whispered, and then walked quickly past the thoroughly surprised woman into the kitchen.  Jane said nothing else, had nothing else to say, and simply followed her companion to the other room.

When she saw what was cooking, Jane allowed a broad smile to capture her face.  “My favorite,” she said sincerely.  Laura looked up and smiled at her and their eyes met, the awkwardness of their recent encounter seemingly forgotten.

“Good,” the lawyer answered, “because it’s about all I know how to make”.  The redhead chuckled sheepishly as she turned to start straining the cooked noodles.  “If you’d been anti-spaghetti, I think we would’ve been in trouble”.

Jane walked up to stand next to the lawyer at the sink.  Turning a smile towards her, she said, “I can sympathize.  I think it’s only my favorite because it’s one of my few culinary abilities, too”.  Laura smiled at this and allowed Jane to start helping her to prepare their simple meal.


Sitting down is a lot easier, mused the redhead as she stared across the table at Jane, who smiled confidently as she related the details of an amusing case she’d once worked on.  Laura had begun to feel weak-kneed as she and Jane had stood next to one another earlier, cooking and serving the spaghetti and garlic bread.  She hadn’t been able to stop focusing on the sight of the detective’s strong hands performing the mundane domestic duties and fantasizing about what she’d rather be watching those hands do.  Sitting down was a relief.

Laura suddenly realized that Jane had finished her story and was now simply chewing a mouthful of bread, staring back at her.  Laura picked up her glass and took a sip of wine, smiling as she lowered it from her mouth.  “Sounds like you and Tom are pretty close,” she remarked, “It’s good to have a partner you get along with”.

“He’s a good guy,” Jane nodded.

“So did you always want to be a cop?” Laura asked, taking another bite of spaghetti despite the fact that she hadn’t tasted the entire meal.

Jane chucked a little.  “Actually, when I was in college I wanted to be a teacher for a while.  Thankfully, I realized it wasn’t for me and I just kind of decided on the force because a friend of mine joined”.

“A teacher, really?” Laura smiled as she tried to imagine the tough, confident woman in front of her facing a roomful of kids.  “Why didn’t you think it was for you?”

Jane smirked, “I don’t think I’d be patient enough.  I don’t know… I just don’t think I’m good enough with people like that.  I wanted to be a teacher because I had idealistic notions about changing lives, reaching kids… and luckily I realized that those notions were misguided, at least for me”.

“I think you’d be a great teacher,” Laura remarked.  “It seems to me you’ve got a wonderful way with people”.

Jane raised a sardonic eyebrow.  “Really?  What gives you that impression… when I drag a suspect into the interview room by his cuffs or when I tease you until you blush?”

Laura nearly blushed again at her words, but instead said, “I was thinking more along the lines of that time you turned a frightened, traumatized woman into a smiling person who was laughing and enjoying friendly conversation”.

Jane looked surprised and confused at the response.  Seeing that the cop wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, Laura continued, “I’m sorry… you… I mean, you probably didn’t realize I was there or anything, but there was this woman who came into the precinct a couple months ago… I was there picking up some papers.  She was just really looking shaky, and she had obviously been beaten up, and I saw you go over to her and hand her a tissue and say something… I don’t know what you said, but anyway, within seconds this woman was smiling”.  Laura paused a moment and took another sip of wine, surprised that she was sharing this memory with the detective, the very memory that played so deeply into the lawyer’s feelings for her.  She wanted to stop talking before she went somewhere she wasn’t prepared to go, or said something that embarrassed her, but Jane’s expression compelled her to go on.

“I just mean that I think that’s the Jane who would make a really good teacher.  Obviously you have a real skill for reaching people,” Laura raised her glass to take another sip of the now desperately needed wine and then reached for the bottle when she found it empty.

Jane lifted her glass, which was also empty, and nodded at Laura to please give her some more, too.  The detective took a deep sip of wine from her newly refilled glass before she spoke again.  “I told her I’d hate to see the other guy,” she said quietly.  Laura looked up into green eyes, slightly surprised that Jane was continuing this line of conversation.  This was totally unlike the “cocky Jane” that she usually saw. In fact, she was pretty sure that this Jane was blushing.

“I like seeing you like this,” Laura said honestly.  Jane shifted uncomfortably for a moment before her eyes brightened and she spread her mouth into a lopsided grin.  Laura sensed that the detective was settling back into her self-assured routine even before she received the response.

“I thought you liked seeing me, period,” the detective replied, taking another sip of wine, more confident than her last.  “It seems every time I look up at work, your blue eyes are staring back at me”.

Laura blushed furiously, dropping her gaze to the table.  She exhaled just a little shakily.  She’s actually addressing this, she thought nervously.  What the hell am I supposed to say?  She glanced back up at her dark-haired companion, seeing that her reaction had been duly noted.

“No more so than you seem to enjoy looking at me,” she challenged.  The two women stared across the dining room table at one another, each trying to read the other’s reactions.  Laura was almost sure she could hear the sexual tension crackling electrically between them.  She hadn’t realized she’d been holding her breath until Jane suddenly stood, prompting her to exhale shakily.  The detective walked slowly around the table, stopping when she stood next to her, and then she offered her hand to the nervous redhead.  Laura glanced at the strong fingers for a moment before taking her hand and standing up with Jane’s help.

When she stood she found herself staring into the detective’s eyes, which were focused on her and which were clearly colored with arousal.  “I think you really liked looking at me,” Jane said boldly.  Laura felt a sudden heat fill her body, which was seemingly concentrated between her legs.  What she wasn’t able to say with words she hoped she conveyed with the look in her eyes.  Jane must have understood what she meant, because the detective slowly reached behind Laura’s head and pressed her hand against her neck, fingers interlaced with red strands, and pulled her in for a soft kiss.

Laura was shocked at the softness of the tough cop’s lips and moaned languidly as she returned the slow kiss.  After a moment she parted her lips and allowed Jane’s exploring tongue between them.  A strong arm slid around her back and pulled her closer.  She wrapped her arms around the detective and ran a hand lightly down her side, stopping suddenly when she felt a recognizable bulk under Jane’s sweater. She pulled away from the dark-haired woman, eliciting a groan of disappointment, and raised her own eyebrow in an expression that mimicked the one her companion so liked to favor on her.

“Is that a gun on your side or are you just happy to see me?” she whispered, hoping she sounded less nervous than she felt.  She grinned as Jane rewarded her with a full laugh.

“Oh my God,” she said, her arms still wrapped around the redhead, “I’m so sorry.  I totally forgot.  I came straight from work”.  Laura smiled, enjoying the feeling of strong arms around her and soft breasts pressed against her.  “Should I take it off?” Jane suddenly asked, just a little cautiously.  Laura knew what she was really asking and only hesitated a moment before answering.



Jane’s head was spinning as she turned back around to face the lawyer after shedding her holster and gun and placing them gently on to the table.  The redhead looked at her with blatant desire, an attractive flush rising on her face.  Jane leaned back over and captured full lips in another kiss.  Again she felt warm arms wrap around her sides and she groaned as Laura pressed her soft body against her.

With a protective hand against the small of the lawyer’s back, but never breaking the contact between their lips, Jane began to guide the two of them backwards to where she remembered seeing a couch.  I need to sit down, she thought giddily, if I have to stand for even another moment, I’m going to fall over and take her with me.  Laura suddenly stopped their backward progress as her heels came up against the anticipated couch.  The lawyer let herself fall back on to a soft cushion, pulling the excited detective with her.

Jane settled onto the redhead, pulling back from her lips to string a chain of soft kisses down Laura’s face on to her incredible neck.  How many times did I look at this neck and think about doing this? Jane mused as she pressed her lips against the racing pulse she found.  She smiled against silky skin and moved her face up so she was once again looking into striking blue eyes.

“So you were going to tell me how much you liked looking at me,” she said in a voice made deeper with desire.  Laura let her eyes slip shut but said nothing.  Jane smiled and kissed one perfect eyebrow, then the other.  “How much you loved flirting with me, playing our little game…”.  Still Laura said nothing, though her breath came faster and Jane could feel her heart beat even harder against her chest.  The detective grinned and then moved so that she was lying on her side next to the flustered redhead.

Jane leaned over to claim swollen lips once more, hesitating only a moment before moving her gently shaking hand over to rest on Laura’s slightly rounded belly.  Another momentary hesitation, and her hand had slipped under the green t-shirt and she was sighing at the feel of soft pale skin.  Laura returned her kiss with enthusiasm and squirmed slightly under her touch.  The squirming intensified as Jane moved a confident hand up to cup a firm breast, rubbing her thumb across an already stiff nipple.

Laura moaned loudly and arched her back, pressing her breast harder against Jane’s hand and eliciting an answering moan from the excited cop.  Jane broke their kiss suddenly and leaned back to gaze into the redhead’s hooded eyes.  She slid her hand from Laura’s breast back onto her stomach, tickling the warm skin that moved beneath her hand as excited muscles twitched in response.  She grinned as she slipped her hand underneath the blue jeans that she found to be so damn attractive on the normally impeccably dressed young woman.

Jane ran a bold finger across the top of the lawyer’s panties, raising her smirking green eyes to Laura’s anxious blue ones.  She searched those eyes for any doubts, any indication that she should stop, but all she found was nervous excitement.  Without dropping her gaze, Jane slipped her hand under the thin material, fingertips lightly grazing the impossibly soft skin she found there.  Laura gasped slightly, shifting her hips below the detective’s touch, eyes darkening.  Jane smiled and ran her hand over a sloping stomach down to the curly hair below.  The lawyer shifted her hips again, moaning audibly this time.  With confident fingers, Jane parted the soft folds and found the wetness she’d known was there.  She looked up at her partner mirthfully.  “I don’t know, counselor.  I’d say this is pretty compelling evidence”.

Laura’s eyes slipped shut as Jane kept her fingers pressed against her throbbing center.  Seeming to sense that a response was expected, she opened them again and looked into Jane’s eyes.  “Yes, of course I like looking at you.  You’re beautiful”.

Jane was slightly surprised by the response and it inflamed her even more.  She leaned down and kissed Laura passionately, trying to convey every bit of what she felt for the lawyer in that action.  She suddenly felt bad about all of her teasing and hoped that she could make up for it with the tenderness with which she now handled the other woman.

“Sit up,” she asked Laura suddenly as she moved off the couch and knelt on the floor.  Laura did as she requested and lifted up her arms as Jane reached over and grabbed the bottom of the redhead’s t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head.  She smiled at the sight of full, pale breasts in a plain white cotton bra.  She started to reach towards the front clasp, fueled by a desperate need to see those beautiful breasts, bare and soft and sexy, and was stopped by Laura’s hand on hers.

“Let me,” Laura said in a low voice that sent a shiver through the detective’s body.  Jane silently nodded and watched the redhead as she reached down and undid her bra, then shrugged out of it to reveal what Jane suddenly regarded as the most perfect breasts she’d ever seen.

You’re beautiful,” she sighed and, still kneeling on the floor, leaned forward to kiss a stiff nipple.  She felt Laura’s hand tangle in her short hair, pressing her head closer to her chest, and she opened her mouth to run her tongue in a circle around the puckered flesh.  She sucked on the nipple, laving it with an eager tongue, moaning graciously at the sensation.  With a free hand, she reached up and deftly unbuttoned Laura’s blue jeans, pulling her mouth away from the tempting breast only to pull the pants down towards her.  The redhead used a foot to help her push the jeans to her ankles and then she kicked them off onto the floor.

Jane moved back up, hands sliding from ankles up smooth legs to warm thighs.  She kissed between Laura’s breasts and then moved her mouth down, sliding her lips and tongue over a slightly rounded stomach.  She shifted her hands from the outside of the redhead’s soft thighs to the inside, trailing her fingertips up over her pubic bone to the top of her cotton panties.  Jane gripped the elastic band and slowly removed the last barrier to the area she most wanted to explore, unable to stop from smiling as she saw the curly red hair glistening with obvious desire.

Throwing the panties over her shoulder, she reached up and slipped a finger along the hot wet flesh between Laura’s legs.  The soft moan this elicited dissolved the last vestige of Jane’s control, and she couldn’t help but urge the redhead’s legs apart and press her lips to the soft wetness at her center.  This elicited an even louder moan.

She kissed and licked her way down to Laura’s opening, where she pushed her tongue inside slightly.  The redhead shifted her hips, raising herself to Jane’s eager mouth.  “Yes,” the lawyer groaned.  Jane licked from bottom to top with the flat of her tongue and then continued to lightly stroke Laura’s clit with the tip.  She fell into a rhythm after a moment, using the movement of the redhead’s body beneath her and the cadence of her heavy breathing as her guide.  She feasted on the sweetness that was even better than she’d imagined and knew it wasn’t going to take much to push the excited woman over the edge.

When she heard the soft moans grow louder and more fevered, and felt Laura’s hands tangle in her hair and push her head harder between her legs, and knew that the redhead wanted to do nothing but feel some release, Jane reached up and slid a bold finger inside of her partner.  She was almost immediately rewarded with a renewed flood of wetness soaking her hand and her face, a tightening around her thrusting finger, and a loud cry from above her.  She rode Laura’s climax out with her, continuing to move inside her and to stroke her with her tongue.  Only when Laura’s body stopped moving and she could hear shaky, labored breathing did she stop.  She withdrew her finger, causing a soft groan, and placed a final kiss on the redhead’s clit, another soft groan.

Jane looked up to grin at her companion.  She felt a renewed desire at the satisfied look on the flushed lawyer’s face.  She sat quietly for a minute as Laura came back to herself, stroking a naked thigh.  After a few moments, the redhead cleared her throat softly and sat up a little, her eyes slipping shut a moment before opening again to lock with Jane’s.

Jane gasped a little as Laura flashed her a cocky grin.


Laura grinned at the detective kneeling at her feet, face still wet from pleasuring her.  Her grin grew larger as she witnessed the reaction Jane had to this look.  I’m in control now, she thought, aware that Jane was nearly desperate for release at this point.  She decided to take advantage of this desperation.

Moving quickly, she climbed off the couch and joined the dark-haired woman, pushing her down to lie on the floor as she claimed her lips in a deep kiss.  Laura tasted herself on another woman’s lips for the first time and liked what she found.  She boldly explored Jane’s mouth, stroking her tongue against the other woman’s, battling with her for control of the kiss.

Laura leaned back and grabbed Jane’s arms that had been wrapped around her, sliding her hands down to the wrists and then leaning over to pin the dark-haired woman to the floor.  She pressed her hands hard enough against the captured wrists to keep Jane still, but not hard enough to really hurt her.  Straddling the detective’s hips, she leaned over her face, staring into aroused green eyes.

“What are you doing?” Jane raised an amused eyebrow, looking up at her trapped wrists.  Laura didn’t answer and instead just leaned down to initiate a long, sensuous kiss.  Jane responded enthusiastically, squirming underneath the redhead in a silent plea to be touched.  Laura pulled away from the kiss and let her face hover above the cop’s.

When Jane realized that Laura wasn’t going to do anything else; that she was waiting for something, she whimpered and moved her head up for another kiss.  The lawyer moved away just as quickly and continued to stare at the increasingly desperate woman beneath her.  She felt Jane try to grind excited hips into her own and she forced herself to remain still and, even more difficult, forced herself to not reveal how hard a task this actually was.  When Jane started to struggle a little beneath her, trying hard to gain some satisfaction, Laura only pressed down on her wrists harder.  The detective was completely and thoroughly trapped.

Jane sighed and fixed Laura with a plaintive stare.  “Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” Laura teased, bending over and rewarding the detective with a soft kiss.

Jane hesitated for only a moment.  “Please fuck me,” she gasped into Laura’s mouth.

Laura knew it was all over, she wouldn’t be able to resist anymore.  With Jane’s help, the detective’s clothes disappeared within a matter of moments.  Laura immediately began kissing her way over and across the strong body beneath her, marveling at the sweet contrast of firm muscle and soft skin.  Acting purely on instinct, she captured a hard nipple in her mouth as she slipped a hand between Jane’s legs. She was amazed at the wetness she found there.  Quickly, now as anxious to bring Jane to orgasm as Jane was herself, she pressed two fingers into the eager detective.

Jane moaned loudly and moved her hips in rhythm to Laura’s sure strokes.  Laura’s confidence grew as Jane’s breathing became more and more ragged and she felt the detective tighten around her fingers. The redhead brought her thumb up to stroke Jane’s clit, grinning around the nipple that she held between her teeth when Jane cried out and arched her back.

As Jane had for her, Laura kept stroking the climaxing woman until she had wrung every last bit of pleasure from her, urging her on until Jane collapsed back onto the floor and threw an arm over her forehead.  Laura removed her fingers from her partner slowly, enjoying the sigh this elicited as the other woman registered the loss.  She climbed up to hold the still shaking woman in her arms.

They lay like that for an indeterminate amount of time, sharing soft kisses and stroking each other’s skin with gentle hands.  After long moments, Jane pulled back suddenly to look into Laura’s satisfied blue eyes.

“So what about Jackson Davis?” she grinned, laughing at the momentary look of confusion she saw in the lawyer’s eyes.

“Oh, who cares about Jackson Davis,” Laura responded after a moment, leaning over to press her lips in the hollow of Jane’s throat.  “Let’s go to bed”.


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    Enjoyed story, new characters, as expected. Nice combination of toughness and softness.

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    Again, Meghan, You can’t just get me hooked and then not finish out the night! I want to know what happens! Great writing and the characters are thrilling! keep up the good work.

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