Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

By Meghan O’Brien

Copyright.©Meghan O’Brien 2002

God, I’m pathetic.  Jena sat back on the couch and took a large swig of her beer, trying hard to appear as if she weren’t surreptitiously sneaking glances at the dark-haired woman sitting across from her, laughing, next to a giggling Amanda and a gesticulating Lana.  Five years later and Ryan Donovan still completely undoes me.

After a few moments Jena decided that she couldn’t keep her bottle raised to her mouth indefinitely and so she reluctantly returned the half-empty Budweiser to the table, instantly regretting the loss of her makeshift shield.  She felt naked and exposed, sitting across from the woman she had wanted since college, and terribly, terribly horny.  What the hell is wrong with Annie and Sam?  They know what Ryan does to me, and what do they do… endeavor to put us in a situation that makes it almost impossible to hide it.

When Annie and Sam, two of Jena’s oldest friends from college, had invited her up to stay at their cabin for the weekend with a small group of mutual friends from the University, she had almost half-wished at the time that Ryan would be invited but had dismissed the notion outright, remembering that she’d heard that the dark-haired beauty had moved out of state sometime after graduation.  She had assumed that Ryan represented an opportunity long since passed, a specter from her college years that still haunted her thoughts and dreams but who would prove forever elusive.  The thought had comforted as much as it had hurt her; after all, the disappointment from a chance not taken was somehow easier to take than the disappointment from a blatant rejection.  Jena had always wanted Ryan, but had never been certain if her interest was reciprocated.

And now here she is.  Jena stared at Ryan quietly, her mouth quirking in an unconscious smile as she listened to the rich timbre of her old friend’s voice as she related an anecdote to their laughing companions.  More beautiful than ever.

Annie hadn’t given Jena a lot of warning that Ryan was going to be a part of their weekend.  In fact, her phone call had reached Jena only forty miles from her friends’ cabin, navigating winding mountain roads and yelling at her best friend at the same time.

“Ryan Donovan?”  Jena had gasped, her hands tightening on the steering wheel instinctively, as if she were afraid the mere shock of hearing the name spoken aloud would propel her right off the road.

“None other,” Annie had confirmed.  “I guess she moved back to Denver a couple months ago.  She said she was sick of being away from everyone… her family, you know.”  Annie had paused a moment, and Jena could almost hear her grin over the phone.  “She asked about you.”

“She did not,” Jena had protested.  Did she?  Jena and Ryan had been close friends in college, but most of their time had been spent in the company of their other mutual friends, Annie, Sam, Lana, and Amanda.  It had been rare for the two of them to hang out alone, and the times it did happen had provided ample fantasy material for Jena for the past seven years.

“She did,” Annie replied.  “She sounded excited that you were coming this weekend.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jena said.  What else could she say?  “Excited how?  What exactly did she say?”

Annie snorted.  “I thought I was supposed to shut the fuck up?”

“Annie-“ Jena whined.

“She said, ‘It’ll be great to see Jena again.  I’ve missed her laugh’.”  Annie was silent a moment.  “She’s single, in case you’re interested.”

Thank God.  “Don’t start.”

“I’m not,” Annie pledged.  “I promise.”  She had sighed a little then, and Jena had rolled her eyes in preparation for the inevitable.  “I just think you should take a chance, you know?  You’ve been pining over her for seven years now.  Don’t you think it’s time to see if there could be more to this than some masturbatory fantasies and starry-eyed, lovesick smiles?”

“I told you not to start,” Jena had snapped, and then hung up the phone.  Ryan Donovan.

Sitting across from the most beautiful girl she had ever known, Jena was suddenly snapped out of her reverie by the realization that the room had fallen silent and five pairs of eyes stared at her patiently.  Oh, shit.  “Um… I’m sorry,” Jena stuttered.  “What was that?”

“Truth or dare?” Lana grinned.  Jena stared at her blankly a moment.  Am I supposed to choose one?  “I was asking if you wanted to play?”

Jena smiled sheepishly, raising her hazel eyes to meet Ryan’s warm grey ones, and then dropping her gaze when she felt herself blush.  “Sure,” she answered.  “Why not?”

“Do you want another beer, Jena?” A silken voice asked, and Jena looked up into intense grey eyes that sparkled with the smile adorning Ryan’s perfect face.

Jena smiled up at the dark-haired woman.  “Trying to get me drunk so I’ll be really truthful?” she teased.  You can get me drunk for whatever reason you want.

“That could be fun,” Ryan purred, and winked.  Jena blushed harder but refused to drop her gaze.  Ryan maintained eye contact for a moment before turning and regarding the rest of the women.  “Anyone else want another?”

After Ryan collected drink orders and left, Jena chanced a quick glance over at Annie and scowled at the playful look she spied on the blonde woman’s face.  Be good, she mouthed over at her friend, who brought a hand up to her chest and opened blue eyes wide in innocence.

Who, me? Annie mouthed, and Jena narrowed her eyes in mock warning.

Ryan returned to the room with four bottles of beer balanced in her arms, handing two to Amanda and Sam, and then striding over to the empty loveseat where Jena sat.  Plopping down beside the suddenly tense brunette, Ryan offered Jena one of the remaining bottles of beer and then took a healthy swig of her own.  “Is this seat taken?”

“It is now,” Jena replied, grinning.  Ryan grinned back.  This is torture.  I have to sit next to her now?  Jena shifted a little in her seat, her body tingling from where Ryan’s body heat nearly emanated into her.

Annie cleared her throat, tearing grey eyes from hazel and prompting Jena to shoot a dirty look over at her friend, who smiled cheerily back at her.  “Jena, truth or dare?”

“I have to go first?” Jena complained.

“Yes,” Annie stated.  “So which do you want?”

Jena blew out a nervous breath.  This doesn’t seem like a good idea somehow.  “Truth.”

Annie smiled mischievously.  Don’t you dare, thought Jena, though she wasn’t exactly sure what she was afraid Annie might do.  “How many women have you slept with?”

Easy one.  Good.  “Four,” she answered confidently.  “Lana, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Lana answered.

Jena thought for a moment.  Something that someone else won’t end up turning around on me.  She smiled wickedly.  “How often do you masturbate, and what do you use?”

Lana groaned a little, but produced her answer quickly and boldly.  “At least three or four times a week.  Mostly my hand, but I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional dildo.”  Jena nodded her head to acknowledge the reply and Lana turned a playful eye towards Ryan.

“Truth or dare, Ryan?” Lana asked, winking at the dark-haired woman.  Jena took a long pull of her beer; certain that she needed to feel drunker to get through the evening.  Though, Jena took stock of herself, I am feeling pretty tipsy already.  How many have I had now?  Three?  Four?

“Dare,” Ryan grinned.  Great, Jena lamented to herself.  All of her friends were aware of her longstanding crush on Ryan and she prayed that nobody would take advantage of that fact in the creation of dares.  Please, guys, if you love me at all.

“Using…” Lana looked around the room, eyes lighting up when she concentrated on the bottle in Ryan’s hand, “your beer bottle, I guess, would you please demonstrate for us all your oral sex technique?”

Jena had just brought her own bottle to her mouth for a mind-numbing sip when Lana articulated her request.  Her reaction was automatic; she sputtered as she spit out a mouthful of beer, most of it landing back in the bottle, some of it sliding down her chin to drip on her t-shirt.  “Shit,” she muttered, wiping at the front of her shirt with a furious blush on her face.  Jena didn’t dare look up, she was sure everyone was laughing at her.

Suddenly a warm hand was pressed against her back, stroking her skin in small circles.  Jena sighed instinctively.  “You okay?” Ryan asked.  Jena nodded and finally looked up, meeting concerned grey eyes with a shy smile.

“Sorry,” she said.  “I’m fine.”

Ryan grinned.  “Be careful,” she said, and then extended her hand to wipe a finger across Jena’s chin, removing beer and then bringing her dripping finger up to envelop it in her mouth.  Jena moaned a little in reaction.  She’s got to be trying to torture me.  There’s no other explanation.  Grey eyes never left hazel as Ryan removed her finger from her mouth and then brought up her beer bottle to within inches of her lips.  Jena watched as a perfect pink tongue poked out slowly to trace the mouth of the bottle, first with the tip and then with the broad flat center.  She was transfixed as she stared at Ryan licking sensuously at the mouth and neck of the bottle, her tongue gliding over the glass surface slowly and deliberately, and pretty soon she wasn’t seeing a bottle but her own center, imagining that the grey eyes that pinned her intensely were between her legs.  Jena shifted in her seat when she realized how wet she was becoming.  Jesus.

Jena pulled her eyes away from Ryan and glanced over at Annie suddenly.  The blonde woman was agape, watching the scene in front of her with rapt attention.  Blue eyes turned to meet Jena’s foggy gaze, and Annie gestured with her head at Ryan’s lewd display.  Look at that!

Jena turned back to Ryan’s demonstration just as she gave the bottle a firm suck and then a final swipe of the tongue.  Lowering the bottle, Ryan arched a dark eyebrow amusedly.  “Like that?” she asked.

“Exactly like that,” Jena murmured, and then blushed when she realized she’d spoken aloud.

Ryan turned and smiled at her.  “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she said.

“Not as much as the bottle, I’m sure,” Jenna replied.  Ryan opened her mouth as if to respond but hesitated a moment.  Then, “Truth or dare, Annie?”


Jena moaned wearily as she collapsed into bed.  Thank God that’s over.  She was drunk, tense, and unbearably horny.  What a nightmare.

Her friends had continually used her desire for Ryan against her during their two-hour game of Truth or Dare.  What’s your favorite masturbatory fantasy? Annie had asked, knowing perfectly well that the answer was sitting right next to her on the couch.  She had recited the one about being taken from behind by a woman wearing a strap-on, leaving out the fact that the fantasy woman wasn’t in fact faceless, but instead had beautiful dark hair and intense grey eyes.  Have you ever thought of anyone in this room in a sexual way? Amanda had persisted, and then groaned when Jena had simply answered with a ‘Yes’.  When she had finally requested a dare, Sam had smirked at her and then said, Kiss Ryan.

Jena had wanted to smack Sam and hug her at the same time.  Ryan had raised an eyebrow at Jena, quirking a small smile, and her grey eyes had almost looked inviting.  Jena had been far too nervous to do anything more than lean over and give Ryan a quick peck on the lips, savoring the exquisite warmth and softness while simultaneously cursing herself for not being bolder and tasting the woman she had dreamed about since she’d been a junior in college.

Overall, the evening had left Jena with no more satisfaction than her countless lonely nights dreaming of Ryan, and she was nearly shaking from the hot arousal that coursed through her veins.  She had stripped down to a tank top and panties when she’d finally retreated to her bedroom, and now that she was safely in bed she slid a hand down her over her stomach and beneath the waistband of her underwear.  Jenadipped unsteady fingers into her center and let out a soft groan.  Jesus, I’m soaking.

Letting her eyes slip shut, Jena conjured up the familiar image that had accompanied her through many lonely nights.  Only now instead of reliving images from the past, she had a fresh picture of Ryan. Beautiful Ryan, she thought to herself a little drunkenly, slow fingers beginning to stroke her slick center.  She’s even more stunning now than she was in college.

Jena circled her swollen clit with two fingers, just barely touching herself.  Suppressing her need all evening had left her wet and hard and ready, but she wasn’t ready to get off quite yet.  She wanted to enjoy this.  I think I earned it.  She imagined Ryan laying in bed in the room to her right.  What’s she doing?  Is she touching herself right now?  Has she ever thought of me?

As Jena continued to touch herself, spreading the abundant wetness that poured from her center over her distended clit, she was surprised to suddenly hear low noises coming from the room on her left. Stilling her hand, she cocked her ear towards the wall until she heard it again.  A moment later, she smiled and rolled her eyes.  Of course…  Sam and Annie have to moan like that right next to the poor, single, horny girl.  Great.

Trying to ignore the sounds of lovemaking coming from the next room, Jena picked up the pace of her gentle stroking.  She rubbed her clit lightly, spreading her legs and then moving her hand down to press firmly at her own entrance, drawing out even more wetness.  Maybe I should just do this quickly.  Otherwise I might explode.

Jena let out a soft moan of her own as she touched herself, picturing Ryan on top of her, the taller woman’s strong, lean body tan and supple and pressed against her own.  She felt a small grin settle on her face at the thought of grey eyes staring down at her, dark with passion, and perfect lips covering her own.  God…

All of a sudden Jena heard a soft noise from the bedroom door.  She stopped the movement of her hand immediately, fearful, and listened hard.  For a moment she heard only the continued sounds of sex in the next room.  Then a soft knock at her door, and “Jena?”

Holy shit.  The whispered name was definitely Ryan’s voice, and Jena suddenly felt terribly guilty, as if she had been caught red-handed.  She withdrew her hand from her panties but said nothing, frozen with indecision.  If I don’t say anything, she’ll think I’m asleep.  Jena thought about that for a moment and nearly hit herself on the forehead.  Do I want that?  And then we can go home at the end of this weekend, and I can spend another five years jerking off to her image, wondering why she came to my door tonight.  Jena sighed, and made a decision.

“Yes?” she called softly, willing her voice to remain calm.

Silence for a moment, and Jena worried that Ryan might have left during her hesitation.  “Can I come in, Jena?  It’s Ryan,” she identified herself unnecessarily.

Jena didn’t answer for a moment, though her mouth worked open and closed as she panicked.  Answer her, goddammit!  “Sure.”

The bedroom door opened slowly and a dark head peeked around the doorframe.  “You’re still awake, right?”

“Yeah,” Jena answered.  “Come in.”

Ryan stepped inside, closing the door softly behind her, and then padded to stand next to her bed.  “I couldn’t sleep.  I was wondering if we could talk for a while.”  She looked down at the brunette.  “I miss talking to you.”

“I miss you, too,” Jena replied.  She looked up at Ryan, forgetting to feel embarrassed by her admission.

“Can I lay down?” Ryan asked softly.

Jena swallowed.  How many times have I wanted to hear those words?  She smiled sadly at the fact that she was hearing them but not quite in the context she’d always hoped for.  “Of course,” she said, and moved over a little.

Ryan climbed into bed beside Jena, pulling back the blankets and sliding beneath them, her warm thigh suddenly pressing against Jena’s.  Jena sucked in a quick breath and pulled away a little before she could stop herself.  Ryan looked over at her, grey eyes barely visible in the darkness.

“Remember when we used to stay up late sometimes, talking in your dorm room?” Ryan asked.

Do I ever, Jena mused.  Those occasions alone have fueled my fantasy life for years now.  “Yeah,” Jena answered.  “I always had so much fun with you.”

“I had fun with you, too.”  Ryan almost sounded relieved, and Jena wondered at the tone.  “I’ve never had fun with anyone like I used to have with you.”

It was at that moment that Annie and Sam’s lovemaking picked up a notch, after having quieted down for a while, and Ryan and Jena were assaulted by the sounds of quiet slapping and enthusiastic moaning. Jena felt herself blush even as Ryan began to chuckle.

“So you got the front row seats, huh?” Ryan teased.

“I guess so,” Jena answered.  Smooth, she admonished herself.

Ryan was silent for a moment, seemingly listening to the sensual noises coming from the room next door.  Jena had just started to squirm a little in intense discomfort; wet, horny, worked up, laying next to the object of her undying devotion, when Ryan whispered, “Truth or dare, Jena?”

Jena’s breath caught in her throat.  What’s going on here?  Where is this going?  She felt both intensely excited and scared out of her mind.  “Truth,” she answered.  Always choose truth first.

“Were you laying in here getting turned on listening to them before I came in?”  Ryan’s voice was mischievous, as if she already knew the answer.

“They weren’t turning me on,” Jena replied as steadily as she could.  That’s the truth, at least.

“But you were turned on?” Ryan prompted.

Jena turned her head to stare at the women next to her.  “No fair, that’s a two part question.”

Ryan laughed.  “So?”

“So I think that’s against the rules.”  Jena wasn’t certain she wanted to answer the question, so she’d be damned if she let Ryan break the rules!

“I think you’ve answered the question already, Jena.  Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”  Ryan smirked at Jena’s scowl.

“Truth or dare?” Jena shot back to Ryan, cringing a little when she heard Annie coming rather noisily in the next room.

“Truth,” Ryan answered.

“Did you really tell Annie you missed my laugh?” Jena asked before thinking.  She felt herself blush when the question left her lips, but she continued to stare into grey eyes made black by the shadows in the room.

“Yes,” Ryan answered without hesitation.  “I missed your laugh very much.”

“You remembered my laugh?” Jena asked shyly.

Ryan shook her head.  “No fair.  Two-part question.”

“I was turned on,” Jena admitted quickly.

“I always remembered your laugh,” Ryan responded.  “I think about your laugh… you… all the time.”  She smiled at Jena through the darkness that separated their faces.  “Were you touching yourself?”

Jena’s heart thumped in her chest at the sudden, confident question, at the low melodious voice that delivered it to her.  She was rapidly uncomfortably aware of the still abundant wetness between her legs, of her throbbing, swollen clit, and of the scent that clung to her, of sex, that she was suddenly certain Ryan could smell.  “You didn’t even ask me if I wanted truth or dare,” Jena complained weakly.

“Are you saying you want a dare?” Ryan purred.

Jena swallowed with effort.  Her mouth suddenly felt completely dry.  Do I want a dare?  “Yes.”  What am I doing?  I’m going to pass out right now.

“I dare you to give me your hand,” Ryan commanded.  Jena was certain her heart stopped for a moment.  When it began beating again, and she could breath, she slowly reached out her left hand towards Ryan.  Grey eyes looked down at her hand critically, and then back up into her eyes.  “Your right hand, Jena.  The hand you use to touch yourself.”

Jena blushed, moderately thankful for the darkness that obscured her heated face.  I can’t do this, she thought nervously.  How can I do this?  For a moment she lay still, paralyzed with fear and indecision. Ryan never moved, staring at her silently, eyes searching the tense face in front of her.  Jena was more turned on and excited than she could ever remember being, but terrified that she was going to make a fool of herself somehow.  She wasn’t sure what to do.

“Please,” Ryan said suddenly, her voice soft.

Jena made up her mind.  Taking a deep breath, she reached up her right hand and allowed Ryan to take it in her own.  The dark-haired woman brought their hands up to her face, inhaling deeply, and Jena could feel the smile tugging on Ryan’s lips on the backs of her fingers.

“You have been touching yourself,” Ryan confirmed.  It wasn’t a question; it was a statement.

“Yes,” Jena admitted.  “Truth or dare?” she asked, breathless when she realized that Ryan wasn’t releasing her hand.

“Truth,” Ryan answered.  Good, Jena thought.  I’m not sure I was ready for a dare yet.

“What are you doing?” Jena whispered.  Please tell me… I don’t want to misunderstand what’s going on here.

“Reconnecting with someone whom I always regretted losing in my life,” Ryan answered.  “I really missed you when I was in Oregon.”

“Really?” Jena asked quietly.  In all the years she had pined for Ryan, she had never imagined that the dark-haired woman would have harbored any of the same feelings towards her.  It had simply never crossed her mind; that was how improbable this all was to her.

“Truth or dare, Jena,” Ryan said instead of answering the question.

Jena took a deep breath.  Time to take some chances.  “Dare,” she responded confidently.

Ryan smiled, her teeth catching the light a little, illuminating her grin.  “Kiss me.  For real this time.”

Jena hesitated for only a moment, but having finally been given permission, something triggered inside her and she leaned forward as if fearful that the moment would pass before she had the opportunity to taste Ryan’s lips.  Her mouth covered the soft mouth only inches from her face, Jena leaning forward and threading her hands through Ryan’s long hair, pulling their bodies together at the same time she ran her tongue over Ryan’s lips.  Ryan opened her mouth in response, inviting Jena inside and releasing a throaty moan in the same action, and Jena swallowed the moan and boldly stroked inside of Ryan’s mouth with her tongue.  Just as sweet as I always imagined, she thought contentedly.  She continued her sensual exploration of the dark woman until she was forced to break their contact in desperate need of air.

Much better,” Ryan gasped.

“Wow,” Jena murmured.  She was surprised at her own confident action, though not surprised by how incredible it felt.  If anything, she was amazed at how easily the real thing had lived up to her fantasies. For a moment she was unsure of what to do in the wake of that perfect kiss.  “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Ryan said breathlessly.  “I think I need a little time to recover before asking for a dare.”

“Why didn’t anything ever happen between us in college?” Jena asked.  She had wondered about this so many times in the past few years and had always blamed herself; her lack of courage, her unwillingness to put their friendship at risk if Ryan couldn’t reciprocate her feelings.  Knowing now that Ryan had apparently harbored some attraction for her made her even more frustrated that neither of them had acted on their feelings so many years ago.

“I don’t know,” Ryan admitted softly.  “I thought about kissing you a couple times… once when we stayed up late talking in your dorm room I nearly did, but… I just don’t think I was ready.  It wasn’t the right time.”

“And it’s the right time now?” Jena whispered, breathless.  Please say it’s the right time.  I’ll die if I can’t kiss you again.

Ryan clicked her tongue.  “Nope.  That’s a second question.  Truth or dare?”

Jena sighed.  “Truth.”

“What were you thinking about when you were touching yourself?” Ryan asked.  She sounded excited, and Jena found it was all she could do to keep herself from closing the distance between them and ravishing the dark-haired woman.

“You,” Jena replied without hesitation.  She was mildly surprised at the ease of this admission.  “Always you.”

“I’ve thought about you, too,” came the breathless disclosure from next to her.

Jenna didn’t argue that Ryan was offering confessions without choosing ‘truth’.  She was stunned and excited by the declaration.  “Truth or dare, Ryan.”

“Dare,” Ryan declared, and Jena felt her breath catch at the prospect of requesting that she perform another action.

“I dare you to feel what you do to me,” Jena whispered.  Ryan was still holding her right hand, so she tightened her grip around the dark-haired woman and then slid their enjoined hands down her stomach, coming to rest when the backs of her fingers met the waistband of her underwear.  Ryan took the initiative and kept her own hand moving, sliding from on top of Jena’s, deft fingers slipping underneath the waistband and continuing downwards to brush against soft hair.  The feeling of Ryan’s gentle fingers against her center stole Jena’s breath; she lay motionless as she felt Ryan part her gently, and then dip into the copious wetness between her legs.

Ryan groaned.  “Jesus,” she whispered, not removing her hand.  Fingertips slid up the length of Jena, from her entrance to her clit, and then moved back down again.  “I did this?”

Jena nodded, not caring whether Ryan could see the affirmation in the dark.  She didn’t trust herself to speak.  Ryan pushed two fingers on either side of her swollen clit, squeezing the sensitive flesh gently. Jena found her voice.  “Yes.”

“Truth or dare, Jena.”  Ryan’s voice was shaky and full of anticipation.

“Dare,” Jena answered.  Please.  She felt her mind going fuzzy from the exquisite contact between her legs.

“Do you want me to demonstrate that technique I was showing everyone earlier?” Ryan asked.  “Again?  On you?”

Jena was certain she had to be dreaming.  There was no other explanation for this.  “Yes, please.”

And then Ryan was on top of her, kissing her, hand still trapped between them, fingers gently stroking wet, swollen flesh.  Jena moaned into the mouth covering hers, the sound joining and commingling with the twin whimper that Ryan emitted in concert to her own cry.  Ryan broke their mouths apart with a small growl, lowering her head to plant wet kisses first on Jena’s jaw, and then down on to her collarbones. Jenna was in a state of total shock and almost complete bliss.  If this is a dream, I pity whatever wakes me up.

Jena was shocked into reality when an insistent hand suddenly slid up from between her legs, drawing from her a small cry of protest, and moved up her stomach to push her tank top above her breasts. Ryan’s mouth descended upon her suddenly exposed breast, tongue encircling a nipple already hard from the cool air, and Jena reached her hand up to cover the back of the dark head above her, pulling Ryan closer into her.  “Yes.”

Ryan’s lips tugged and nipped at first one nipple, then the other, and she worshipped Jena’s breasts until the brunette was ready to die from her need to be released.  She needs to touch me again, Jena thought frantically, I’m going to die if I can’t come.  Jena used the hand that still held the back of Ryan’s head to pleadingly press downward.  Please.

Ryan released the breast in her mouth with a wet sound, intense grey eyes looking up at the desperation in Jena’s face.  “Please, Ryan,” Jena whispered.  “I need…” She didn’t know how to finish her request. “Please.”

Further words weren’t needed, apparently, and Ryan moved her mouth down Jena’s chest without hesitation, blazing a hot trail over her stomach and down to her abdomen.  Jena was vaguely aware of lifting her hips off the bed at Ryan’s urging, strong hands sliding her underwear down over her thighs and off her feet before gently tossing them onto the floor.  And then Ryan’s mouth was on her again, hot and wet, sucking and nibbling at her skin from her belly to her inner thigh.  All of Jena’s senses were on overload.

Ryan settled her broad shoulders between Jena’s thighs, the brunette parting her thighs to accommodate the dark-haired woman, and she pressed strong hands against Jena’s abdomen, her thumbs pointing downward to expose her to hungry eyes.  “You’re beautiful,” Ryan whispered, and then Jena moaned at the feeling of warm lips pressed against her wetness.

Jesus Christ, Jena managed to think.  Her head pounded with her arousal, the soft, wet noises of Ryan’s mouth probing and exploring her barely registering in the white noise that enveloped her.  It wasn’t going to take long.  She had been ready when Ryan had knocked on the door; now that Ryan’s tongue was stroking at her, penetrating her, hot mouth sucking at her, there would be no holding back.  She cried out loudly as she suddenly came in Ryan’s mouth, feeling her hips buck against the exquisite torture in which was reveling, and felt her tremors increase under the delicious pressure of Ryan’s hands, which were holding her down firmly.  Ryan was thorough in her ministrations; she continued to suck and lick at Jena gently as she came down from her orgasm, only stopping when Jena began to whimper weakly and cease her movements.

Hazel eyes looked down into the grey that peered at her from between her legs.  Jena smiled a little at the image she’d always conjured up on lonely nights, suddenly made real in a strange bed in Annie and Sam’s cabin.  Finally.  Reaching down, Jena grasped at Ryan’s arms and dragged her back up the length of her body to rest on top of her fully, leaning up to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.  They shared Jena’s taste on Ryan’s lips, and it was only then that Jena was aware of something that felt not quite right pressed against her thigh.

“Ryan?” she whispered suddenly, breaking away from the dark-haired woman’s mouth.  “What is that?”

Ryan pressed her hips forward, thrusting into Jena’s sensitive center.  No way, Jena thought dazedly.  “That?” Ryan questioned.

“Yeah,” Jena replied, sliding her hand down between them to locate and grasp the object of her inquiry.  “This.”

Ryan grinned down at Jena, the sheepish expression just visible in the pale moonlight.  “Well, I…” Ryan stuttered.  “I mean, I… well, I had this with me, and then when you told us your favorite fantasy earlier, I just thought…”

Jena swallowed convulsively.  How is this possible?  Things like this don’t happen to people like me.  “For real?”

“Is that okay?” Ryan asked, suddenly tentative.

“Okay?” Jena repeated.  “It’s more than okay… it’s-”

Ryan captured her mouth in a hard kiss, stopping her words.  They battled with one another for dominance, and then Jena acquiesced and let Ryan plunder her mouth thoroughly, moaning the entire time. When they broke apart, they moved as if following an unspoken choreography.  Ryan sat back and Jena sat up with her, both of them grasping at the bottom of Ryan’s t-shirt and whipping it off over her head, tossing it on to the floor.  Jena leaned forward to capture a dusky nipple in her mouth, sucking hard, and Ryan began tugging her pajama bottoms down over her hips.  Pulling her mouth away with a disappointed whimper, Jena reached out to help Ryan out of her pants, running a hand up along the straps of the leather harness that was revealed when the cotton bottoms were tossed aside.

“Turn over on your stomach,” Ryan growled suddenly, breath hot in Jena’s ear.  Jena shuddered in reaction and obeyed the command instantly, shifting her body beneath Ryan’s.  She lay silently for a moment, groaning when she felt Ryan straddle her hips, painting her with hot wetness.  “Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes,” Jena gasped.  She felt Ryan shift forward, soft breasts suddenly pressing against her bare back, and then sliding down to her waist and then over her ass as Ryan’s mouth created a trail of kisses down the length of her body.  Suddenly Ryan’s warm weight was gone and Jena groaned in disappointment.  The disappointment didn’t last long.

Two firm hands grasped Jena’s waist and urged her upwards onto her knees.  “Lean forward on your elbows, baby, if you need to,” Ryan whispered, leaning over to breath in her ear.  “But keep your ass in the air for me, okay?”

Jena nodded silently, squeezing her eyes closed.  In this position she felt completely exposed to her lover’s gaze, and somehow this thought infused her with a heady rush of power.  She arched her back and offered herself wantonly to Ryan, grinning when she heard the dark-haired woman’s breathing hitch, a small moan pouring from her lips as her hands tightened instinctively on her hips.  She felt Ryan shift on the bed, rising to kneel behind her, one hand leaving her hip to move between them.  A moment later she felt Ryan’s dildo sliding slowly through the wetness that she imagined must have been pouring from her by now.  She whimpered and pushed backwards against Ryan, bringing the dildo lower, closer to her entrance, and arched her back even more.  “Fuck me, Ryan.”

“God, Jena,” Ryan moaned, and guided the dildo down until just the very tip slipped inside of her.  “You’re so sexy.”

Jena pushed her hips backwards again at the same time that Ryan pushed forward, and she was suddenly filled by her lover, the blissful intrusion drawing a small whimper from her lips.  “Ryan,” she whispered.

“How does that feel?” Ryan asked softly.  She held her hips still and allowed Jena time to adjust to the sensation, though her body was tense and Jena sensed that it was taking all her self-control to stop from thrusting into her again and again.  This exercise of control ignited Jena’s ardor beyond all reasonable limits, and the brunette felt herself tighten around the dildo inside her, shuddering at the intensity of the feeling.

“So good,” Jena gasped.  She reached a desperate hand around to grasp Ryan’s hip.  “Fuck me.”

Ryan obeyed her command instantly, drawing her hips back before bringing them forward again swiftly, eliciting a loud cry of pleasure from Jena.  The hand that had disappeared between them earlier suddenly reappeared to grip Jena’s shoulder, holding her firmly along with the hand still on her hip.  Small moans and whimpers fell from Jena’s lips without thought, Ryan’s confident movements driving her into a state of pure desire and sensation.  Being taken this way, in a way about which she had always fantasized, by the very woman she always imagined, was more than she could handle.  Holy shit.

The only sounds in the room were that of skin slapping against skin, Jena’s soft cries, and Ryan’s languid moaning and soft words of encouragement.  Jena lingered on the very edge of orgasm for what seemed like hours but was likely only minutes.  In the end, it was when Ryan approached her own release, hearing her moans grow louder and feeling her hips grind into Jena’s ass convulsively, that pushed her over the edge.

“Oh God, Ryan!” Jena cried out, pushing herself back against her lover.  Ryan’s hand slid from her shoulder down to her breast, pinching her nipple sharply, tugging on it, and Jena was left breathless by the intensity of the orgasm that ripped through her body.  She felt herself tightening around Ryan’s dildo, felt Ryan’s body trembling against her, and the dark-haired woman’s hips pressing forward against her, moving around in circles, coaxing her own climax from her shaking body.  Ryan cried out hoarsely, breasts pressed against Jena’s back, and Jena’s knees finally gave out in the rush of feeling and she collapsed down on to the bed, Ryan following closely after.

For long moments they lay together gasping.  No words passed between them, and the first thing Ryan did once she recovered was press a warm kiss against the back of Jena’s neck.  Jena murmured softly and shivered, whimpering when Ryan drew back, rising from her prone body, and the dildo shifted inside her.  Ryan withdrew from her gently, whispering soft words into her ear when she groaned as she registered the loss of her lover.  Still Jena lay silently, unable to move, and she listened to Ryan unfasten the harness and deposit the dildo on the floor beside the bed.  She was turned over by firm hands, drawn into a strong hug by the woman beside her.  Jena breathed in the scent of Ryan, feeling her eyes slip shut from the pure contentment she felt in her lover’s arms.  Eyes still closed, she tilted her face up and moved her lips across Ryan’s cheek until she found her lips, and she kissed her passionately.

When they broke apart, Jena settled back down into Ryan’s arms and sighed.  “So did you bring that with you because… you were hoping…?  Or, I mean…”

Ryan chuckled, the soft laughter rumbling through her chest against Jena.  “I was hoping,” Ryan admitted.

There was silence for a moment.  Then, “Truth or dare, Ryan?”


“The truth is,” Jena smiled, “I really want to see what happens with this.  With us.”

“So do I,” Ryan whispered, and tightened her arms around Jena.  “I wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity again.”



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    Compelling story. Very sexy.

    (male straight)fan.

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    Sexy storie. Those loves from past…

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    Yeah so this needs to be your next book! Best short story I have read from you thus far! Absolutely sexy! Not only does it bring back memories but I felt like I was there! great work!

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