Under the Mistletoe

“Are you ready for a Christmas present?”

Mel smiled at the sound of Regan’s question behind her, and at the unmistakable tone in the redhead’s voice.  Mel kept her hand on her mouse and, making one last adjustment to the Flash animation she was slaving away on, she cocked her head and relaxed into a lazy smile.

“It’s still a week before Christmas,” Mel commented.

“You don’t have to unwrap it now,” Regan said.  Mel could hear her walk into the room, and she kept her grey eyes locked on the screen in front of her.  “If you’re not interested.”

The low, sensuous tone of Regan’s voice cinched it.  Mel saved her file and spun around in the desk chair. 

“Are you interested?” Regan purred.

The redhead stood behind Mel wearing a silky green robe and a wide smile.  Mel smiled back, the computer all but forgotten.

“I think so,” Mel murmured.  She held out her arms, meeting Regan’s eyes.  “Come here, baby.”

Regan stepped close to Mel’s chair, and then lowered herself on to Mel’s lap.  Mel grinned as she felt her lover settle down on her, bringing her hands up to grip Regan’s hips.  She stared at pale skin exposed by green silk, and then licked her lips at the sight of Regan’s creamy throat.

Mel looked up at Regan, and then she brought her hand to the belt of her robe.  “Is this my present?” she asked.  One tug and it came loose, and Mel pulled the robe open to expose the black bra and panties that Regan wore.

Regan squirmed against Mel, releasing a soft whimper.  “Not exactly,” she whispered.

Mel blinked in surprise.  Well, shit.  “It’s not?”

Regan produced something from behind her back, holding it out for Mel’s inspection.  “Merry Christmas,” she said.

It was a black leather collar.  Mel felt her clit twitch at the sight of it, especially because she knew what it meant.

“You’re sure?” Mel murmured.  She took the collar from Regan, unsnapping it and studying the smooth leather and silver studs that adorned it.

“Yes,” Regan said.  Her head tipped back and she bared her throat for Mel.

The dark-haired woman relaxed into a wolfish grin.  “I can do anything I want,” she stated, and looked into Regan’s eyes.

Regan swallowed, never breaking their gaze.  “Yes,” she agreed.  “I’m giving myself to you.  I want you to… do whatever you want.  I’m yours.”

Mel raised an eyebrow.  “Does this mean I can take your ass?”  Regan dropped her eyes with a soft gasp, her cheeks flooding with color.  Mel lifted Regan’s face with a hand on her chin, forcing green eyes to grey.  “Are you going to be a bad girl and let me fuck your ass?”

Regan’s eyes flashed and her chin trembled.  “If that’s what you want, yes.  I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Mel leaned in and took Regan’s mouth in a hard kiss.  The hand that still rested on one hip slid down to grip Regan’s ass, and the other moved inside the robe to squeeze a firm breast.

“You’re such a slut,” Mel breathed, leaning in until her lips were pressed between Regan’s breasts.  She turned her head and bit gently at the soft sloping flesh she found.  “Aren’t you?”

Mel loved being dominant; she loved talking dirty.  She considered herself forever lucky that Regan enjoyed the same things.

“Yes,” Regan whimpered, arching into Mel’s mouth.  “I’m so wet… I want to get fucked so bad right now.”

Mel dropped her hand, finding Regan’s silky panties with her fingers.  Her legs were spread where she straddled Mel’s hips, and Mel slid her hand down to palm Regan’s center.  Slick wetness painted her skin, and she gasped as Regan pushed her pussy hard against her palm.

“Your underwear is soaked,” Mel murmured.  She pushed the damp fabric of Regan’s panties to the side, pressing her fingers against wet, swollen folds.  “Christ, baby, you’re soaked.”

“I know,” Regan whispered.  She laid her head on Mel’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around the larger woman.  “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Thinking about being fucked?” Mel said.  She closed her eyes and inhaled, breaking into an easy smile.  It had been far too long since she’d been able to play with Regan like this.  She knew that her wetness already rivaled Regan’s.  “About having my cock deep inside your tight little pussy?”

Regan nodded against her shoulder, and then gasped when Mel pushed a single finger inside her.  “Yes,” Regan whimpered.

Mel pulled out of Regan, eliciting a disappointed groan from the redhead.  “Stand up,” Mel said, and gripped Regan’s hips.  She helped Regan to her feet, and then stood in front of her.  “I need to put this on you,” she said, showing Regan the collar she’d set on the desk.

Regan nodded.

“Take off your robe,” Mel said. 

Regan simply pushed it off her shoulders, letting the material fall to the floor.  Mel reached behind Regan’s neck, fitting the collar around her throat.  She fastened it with careful hands, and then stepped back to survey her handiwork.

Regan wore only the black bra, black panties, and black collar.  Her pale skin was rosy with arousal, and her nipples were hard points visible beneath the fabric of her bra.

“You look good,” Mel growled.  She stepped around Regan’s body, looking her up and down.  The redhead, true to her role, stood silently and allowed the inspection.  “I think I’ll have you on your hands and knees tonight.”

Regan shivered at the throaty promise, not quite meeting Mel’s gaze.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

Mel stopped in front of Regan, taking her hand and interlacing their fingers.  Regan gazed at her with trusting eyes.  “Do you want that?” Mel asked.

“Yes,” Regan murmured.  “I want that.”

“And me?” Mel drawled.  She reached up and drew her fingertip up Regan’s hip, over one breast, and over the soft skin of her throat.  After a moment she reached back and twined her free hand in Regan’s hair, tugging Regan’s head back so that green eyes met hers.  “Do you want me?”

Regan nodded.  “More than anything.”

Mel’s lips curled into a smile.  “Come on,” she said.  She pulled on Regan’s hand, leading her out of the room and down the hallway to their bedroom.  “I can’t wait any longer.”

Regan released a sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper.  Mel kept her face stoic, even as the erotic noise weakened her knees.  She pulled Regan into the bedroom and led her over to the dresser, opening the top drawer with her free hand.

“Pick out one or two toys,” Mel commanded.  “Choose how I’ll fuck you.”  She ran her hand down over Regan’s spine when the redhead leaned over the open drawer, studying the dildos and other objects inside.  “If I choose to fuck you with a toy.”

She couldn’t let Regan think she was in control in any way.  Mel slipped her hand into the back of Regan’s panties, squeezing a firm cheek.  Tonight’s my night.

Regan reached into the drawer and pulled out Mel’s black leather harness.  Mel accepted it with her free hand, giving Regan another squeeze with the other.  “Good girl,” Mel praised in a quiet voice.

Regan blushed, and then turned her attention back to the drawer.  After a moment she pulled out a slim black dildo of medium length — her favorite — and a small lavender toy, something they used for occasional anal sex. 

Mel raised an eyebrow at her lover when Regan turned and offered the toys in her hands.  Slipping her hand from Regan’s panties, she ran her fingers up her hip and side, stopping to pinch an erect nipple.  “Nice choices,” she said.  She reached up and tugged on Regan’s leather collar.  “Now get on the bed,” she told her lover.  “On your stomach.”

Mel took the toys from Regan’s hands, sending the redhead on her way with a sharp smack to her bottom.  She watched Regan go from over her shoulder, waiting until her lover settled on the bed before turning back to face the dresser.  Without a word, she tugged off her clothing and set to work fastening the harness around her hips.

Mel stalked over to the bed in the harness, placing both dildos on the nightstand beside the bed.  She didn’t know which one she would need yet.  Mel was enflamed by the sight of the creamy-skinned redhead lying on her stomach on the bed, silent and obedient.  Hot lust pounded through her veins, and her nostrils flared with her arousal.

Mel knelt on the bed for a moment, running a careless hand from Regan’s shoulder down to her thigh.  She closed her eyes, overwhelmed by the dark need she felt for her lover.  Mel quickly stretched out over Regan, covering the smaller body with her own.  She thrust her center against Regan’s bottom, and reached up to ease her hand beneath Regan’s throat.

“You picked a very dangerous night to give me this present, little girl,” Mel growled into Regan’s ear.  The intense need she had to possess Regan, to consume her, was making her tremble.

Regan trembled, too, at her words.  She turned her head to the side.  “Why is that?” she whispered.

Mel tightened her fingers just slightly on Regan’s neck, reminding the redhead of her presence.  “Because I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop.”  She leaned down and licked at Regan’s earlobe.  “And then maybe I’ll fuck you some more.”

Regan gasped, bucking a little beneath Mel’s weight and pressing her bottom up against Mel’s center.  Mel groaned at the movement, and then backed off to kneel beside Regan’s prone body.

Mel reached down and delivered a sharp smack to Regan’s ass.  “On your knees,” she growled.  Regan moaned at the blow, crawling up to rest on her elbows and knees.  She remained still, allowing Mel to run a possessive hand over her back.  “Are you wet?” Mel asked.

Regan nodded, eyes to the mattress.  “Yes,” she whispered.

Mel’s face relaxed into a cold grin.  “It makes you wet when I treat you like my little slut?”

Regan nodded again, and Mel ducked her head to take in the lovely red heat that claimed Regan’s face.  “Yeah, it does,” Regan answered.

“How wet?”

Regan squirmed where she rested, arching her back to offer herself to Mel.  “Find out for yourself,” Regan murmured.

Mel delivered another slap to Regan’s bottom, smirking at the way her hand left a faint red outline on the smooth, pale skin where it peeked out from beneath black panties.  “Are you trying to tell me what to do?” Mel asked.  Her voice was low and dangerous, and it unleashed a delicious shiver throughout Regan’s body.  “I’m in charge, remember?”

Regan nodded once more, gasping.  “I’m sorry, I remember.  I’m sorry.”

Mel gripped one firm cheek in her hand, squeezing hard.  “So how wet are you?”

“I’m dripping, Mel,” Regan whimpered.  She pushed back with her ass again, desperately seeking contact.  “I’m so turned on my pussy hurts.”

“Ooh,” Mel cooed, running a soothing hand over Regan’s firm bottom.  “I don’t want you to hurt, baby.”  She trailed her fingers over the elastic band of Regan’s panties, down to the juncture of hip and thigh.  She grasped the soaked silk covering Regan’s center with her fingers, pulling the sodden material to the side and exposing slick, swollen flesh.  “I can take care of that for you.”

“Please,” Regan whispered.  “Please do… something.”

“Something?” Mel asked.  She reached up and tugged Regan’s panties down her hips with both hands, delighting in the startled gasp that wrenched from Regan’s throat.  “Or maybe I’ll just let you suffer for a while.  Leave you in here, maybe get some reading done.”

They both knew it was an idle threat, but Regan trembled beneath her anyway.  Only the sound of their heavy breathing accompanied Mel’s removal of Regan’s panties.  When the redhead was bare, Mel leaned up and planted a soft kiss on her bottom.

“It’s your decision,” Regan replied.  Mel could hear her effort to keep her voice steady, and she inhaled the scent of Regan’s arousal so close to her nose.

“That’s right,” Mel murmured.  She turned her face and took firm flesh between her teeth, giving Regan a gentle bite.  “It is.”  Mel traced her tongue over one buttock, and then pulled back to gaze down upon Regan once again.  “I think I’ve decided that you need my finger inside your ass.”

Regan’s gasp set Mel’s heart pounding.  Her body was shaky with lust, and she hoped that she could maintain control over her actions.  She wanted to push Regan to her very limits, to claim her in a way that nobody else ever had or could.  The lube was in the drawer of their nightstand, and she retrieved it quickly.

Mel crawled over until she knelt directly behind Regan’s raised ass.  She gripped the redhead’s hips in her hands, pulling her into her center.  She released Regan, reaching over to snag the bottle of lube she’d tossed onto the bed.  Mel squirted a liberal amount onto the fingers of her right hand. 

“Tell me,” Mel commanded in a soft voice.  She brought her fingers to Regan’s hot center, and then slid them up to probe at the tight ring of muscle she found without hesitation.  

“Tell you…” Regan panted.  She hung her head, mouth open. 

Mel delivered another sharp slap to Regan’s ass with her free hand.  “Tell me,” she said again.

“I want–“

Regan stopped speaking when Mel’s fingertip pressed just inside her anus.  Mel moved in gentle circles, caressing and relaxing Regan’s tight muscle.  “You feel so nice,” Mel whispered.  She pressed her finger bare centimeters further, and then withdrew.  “Tell me,” she ordered once more.

“I want you… to fuck me, Mel.”

“Fuck you?” Mel mused.  She increased the pressure of her fingertip on Regan’s anus.  “How do you want to be fucked?” she asked.  She wiggled her fingertip slightly, causing Regan to squirm beneath her.  “Where?”

“Fuck my ass,” Regan whispered.  She pressed backward, impaling herself on Mel’s waiting finger.  “God, please… I’m so wet.”

Mel slid the whole length of her index finger into Regan’s anus, closing her eyes and exhaling in pleasure as her lover received her.  “So tight, baby,” Mel growled.  “You’re so tight but you love it so much, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Regan whimpered.  She rocked back and forth on her knees, leaning on her elbows, to meet Mel’s patient strokes. 

“It feels so good, doesn’t it?” Mel asked.  She grabbed the discarded bottle of lube with her free hand, squirting even more of the liquid onto her fingers.  She worked it into Regan’s ass, enjoying the little gasping noises her careful fucking produced.  “Doesn’t my finger feel so good in your ass?”

Regan nodded without speaking for a moment.  When Mel stopped her stroking, she gasped, “It feels so good, baby.  I love how you fuck my ass.”

Mel resumed her measured fucking with a wide grin.  “I know you do, baby.  I can feel it.”  She increased the speed of her strokes for a moment, sliding deep into Regan for emphasis.  “Right here.”

“Yeah,” Regan gasped.  “Right there.”

Mel slowed her pace again, sliding into Regan now with excruciating slowness.  “I think you need more,” Mel murmured.

Regan whimpered, rocking backwards to try and take Mel in faster.  “More?” she asked.

“Two fingers,” Mel said.  She pulled back until only her fingertip remained inside of Regan, and then brought another to rest beside it.

“Two?” Regan’s voice trembled a little, and Mel closed her eyes in arousal.

“You think you can take two of my fingers inside your ass, baby?”  Mel pulled her fingertip back until it rested with its twin on Regan’s anus.  “Are you going to take this for me?”

“Yes,” Regan agreed.  She released a deep breath, dropping her head and closing her eyes.  “I’ll take it.”

Mel began stroking Regan’s anus again with two slick fingers.  She grabbed the bottle of lube once more, squirting another dollop where she rubbed Regan’s soft skin. 

“Do you know how much I love you?” Mel murmured to Regan.  She moved her eyes up to watch the back of Regan’s neck, the sweat-sheened skin and the damp wisps of auburn hair.  She pressed against Regan gently, coaxing her lover’s body to accept her.  “Do you know how much I love how you let me fuck you?”

“Yes,” Regan whispered.  “I love you, too.”

Mel felt Regan’s body relax, felt the fingertips that caressed her anus drawn inside, and she pushed into her lover with a low groan.  “You’re being so good right now,” Mel praised in a quiet voice.  “You feel so hot and tight around my fingers.”

“I’m yours,” Regan moaned.  “This is all for you, baby.”

“I know,” Mel acknowledged.  “You are mine.”  With that she increased the speed of her thrusts, pushing deeper into Regan with every stroke.  “I need to make sure you remember that.”

Mel got up on to her knees and snaked her free hand around Regan’s body, easily finding her swollen clit with eager fingers.  Regan gasped at the stimulation, pushing back against Mel’s pumping strokes.

“I’m yours,” Regan repeated again, panting for air.

“My little slut,” Mel said.  She fucked Regan harder, circling her clit with skillful fingers.  “Say it.”

“I’m your little slut,” Regan choked out.  Her thighs began to tremble, and Mel knew she was close to release.

“You’re my girl,” Mel growled.  “My sweet girl who likes having my fingers in her ass.”

Regan released an incoherent cry, throwing her head back and faltering in the rhythm of her counter-thrusts.  “Mel, I’m so close.”

“Is my girl going to come with me inside her ass?” Mel asked.  She leaned over Regan, and her breasts brushed against the redhead’s bare back.  “Should I let you come?”

“Please,” Regan whimpered.

“Then come,” Mel commanded.  “Show me what getting your ass fucked does to you.”

Regan came in an explosion of sound and hot wetness, which soaked Mel’s hand where it cupped Regan between her legs.  Mel stayed with her, rubbing her, until Regan collapsed onto the bed and lifted her head to manage a weak protest.

“Please, baby,” Regan gasped.  “I need a break.”

Mel pulled away from Regan’s clit with a satisfied smile.  “Relax, baby,” she said.  “I’m going to pull out of you now.”

Regan gave her a silent nod, and then a quiet whimper when she eased her fingers out of Regan’s body.  “That was amazing,” Regan murmured.

“Yes, it was,” Mel said.  “And it’s not over yet.”

“You’re gonna kill me,” Regan mumbled.  Her words were muffled, her face pressed into the pillow below her head.

“I promise to stop short of actually killing you,” Mel said.  She smiled, giving Regan’s bare ass a gentle slap.  “I can’t promise that you won’t pass out, though.”

“Fair enough.”

Mel eased off the bed, directing a feral grin down at where her lover rested.  “Take a few moments to recover.  I have to go wash up.  And Regan?”

Regan rolled over on to her back, gazing up at Mel with hooded green eyes.  “Yes?” she purred.

Mel’s clit jumped at the sight of Regan’s naked body, flushed and warm, and she reached out a hand to caress the redhead’s collarbone.  “I want you to touch your pussy while you wait for me.  Don’t make yourself come… but get yourself ready for me.”

Regan nodded, sliding her hand down her stomach and between her legs.  Her thighs fell open and found her wetness with her fingers.  “Yes, baby,” she whimpered.

Mel picked up the dildo Regan had selected from the nightstand and turned around, intent on making it to the bathroom before she simply gave in and made love to Regan again.  She closed the bathroom door behind her, walking to the sink and gripping it with both hands.  Mel took a number of deep breaths, trying hard to calm her body.

“I’m going to have to make her get me off,” she murmured to her reflection in the mirror.  “Otherwise I’ll never last.”

Making a quick decision, Mel washed her hands and then re-entered the bedroom with the dildo still in her grasp.  Regan was writhing gently on the bed, one finger working inside her wet pussy.

“Jesus Christ,” Mel muttered.  Her eyes were drawn to the sight of her lover fucking herself, and for a moment she faltered and simply stared.

“Is this what you wanted?” Regan asked.  She panted as she fingered herself slowly, putting on a show.  After a moment she pulled out, circling her swollen clit with her fingers.  “Am I doing okay?”

Mel tossed the dildo on to the nightstand.  “You’re doing just fine,” she said.  Her voice was rough, and she cleared her throat as she crossed the room to their dresser.  “Just remember…” she said, her voice a plain warning.

“I won’t come,” Regan said from behind her.  Mel pulled open the top drawer, spotting what she wanted tucked into the far corner.  “Not until you let me.”

Mel grinned, pulling the double dildo out of the drawer.  “Good girl,” she praised.  Keeping her back to Regan, she immediately walked back into the bathroom.  “Change of plans,” she called back to her lover.  “It’ll only be another minute.”

Regan growled in frustration, and then moaned in pleasure.

Mel moved fast in the bathroom.  She unfastened the harness, fitting the dildo through the opening in front.  She chuckled when she tested her wetness with one hand.  “Christ, and I thought she was wet,” Mel muttered under her breath.  She spread her legs, planted her feet, and then eased one half of the double dildo into her body with a low groan.  Mel released a shaky breath, leaning heavily against the bathroom sink.  “Oh, fuck,” she gritted out.

I have got to go fuck her.  Now.

Mel wasted no time refastening the harness and getting back into the bedroom.  She strode up to the bed where Regan lay, reaching out and grasping a still-moving hand by the wrist.

“Stop,” Mel said.  She moved her hand up to Regan’s upper arm, hauling her up into a sitting position.  Regan obeyed, moving to the edge of the bed and planting her feet on the floor.  Mel reached behind Regan and unhooked her bra with an impatient hand.  “First, this needs to go.”

“I agree,” Regan said.  She gasped when Mel tugged the bra from her body, and then found bare breasts with both hands.  Mel squeezed and pinched already erect nipples, causing Regan to squirm where she sat.  “God…” Regan whimpered.

Mel watched as Regan’s eyes half-closed, and then settled on the dildo that jutted out from her body.  Mel felt her internal muscles tighten around the end that rested inside her at Regan’s hungry look.  She reached out and cradled the back of Regan’s head with her hand.

“Suck me off,” she growled.

Regan didn’t hesitate to lean forward and take the dildo in her mouth, moaning and letting her eyes fall shut.  Mel hissed in pleasure as Regan began moving her mouth up and down, back and forth, all over her cock.

“Fuck, you’re good at that, honey,” Mel praised in a voice made rough with desire.  She tightened her fingers in Regan’s hair, forcing green eyes to her face as Regan continued to suck and lick at the dildo.  “You love having my cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

Regan moaned and nodded, taking close to the whole length of the toy into her mouth, and then pulling back to lap deliberately at the head. 

“That’s right, baby,” Mel said.  “Use your tongue.”  She grunted, pulling at Regan’s hair, and thrust her hips forward to slide her cock back into her lover’s mouth.  “You’re such a good girl,” she praised.

Regan grasped the cock at its base, continuing to work at it with her mouth.  Her wanton movements rocked the dildo inside of Mel’s pussy, and she felt her knees growing weak at the sensation. 

“Wait a second,” Mel gasped, and stopped Regan with both hands on her face.  “I need to lie down before you make me come.”

Regan pulled back, shooting Mel a coy smile.  “I want you to come in my mouth,” she said.

Mel crawled on to the bed, quickly lying down and arranging two pillows beneath her head.  Propped up like that, she still had an excellent view to watch Regan’s skillful blowjob.

“I will,” Mel said.  She grasped Regan’s arm in her hand again, tugging her over and giving her a passionate kiss.  She broke away after a few moments, and then immediately pressed down on the top of Regan’s head with an encouraging hand.  “Get back to it,” she commanded.

“Yes, baby.”  Regan kissed her way down Mel’s body, trailing gentle bites and licks over breasts, stomach, and hips, before wrapping her lips around the dildo and sliding her mouth up and down in breathless rhythm.

“Fuck,” Mel groaned.  She clenched her fists at her sides, and then reached down a hand to stroke Regan’s hair.  “Oh, fuck, baby… you’re gonna make me come.”

Regan’s strokes grew faster and deeper, thrusting the other end of the dildo in and out of Mel’s center.  Mel’s legs fell open and began to tremble.  Her hips moved of their own volition, meeting Regan’s ministrations.  Mel tried hard not to buck her hips and choke Regan, but it was an effort.  Gathering her strength, she propped herself up on her elbows and stared down at Regan; her closed eyes and flushed face, her mouth sliding over the head and shaft of the dildo, and her small hand gripping the toy where it protruded from her harness.

“That’s right,” Mel murmured.  “Take my cock, baby…” She moved her hips, running her fingers through silky red hair.  Her own words inflamed her, and she heard herself keep talking as she strove towards release.  “Suck on it, baby, suck on my cock… God, Regan, I’m gonna come.”  She tightened her hand in Regan’s hair, arching her back as her orgasm slammed into her.  “I’m gonna come in your mouth,” she managed, and then the rest was lost to an incoherent cry.

Mel came back to herself when she felt Regan kissing her way up her body, lingering at her breasts to bite her nipples with gentle teeth.  She blinked at the ceiling, still trying to catch her breath.  She regained her focus fast when an insistent mouth suckled on her nipple, unleashing a renewed flood of wetness between her legs.

Mel gripped Regan’s hair with her fingers, pulling her lover away from her breast.  “No,” she said, steeling her voice.  Try to at least sound in control, even if you don’t feel like it.  “It’s your turn,” she told Regan.  At that she sat up, pulling Regan down beneath her.  “I’ve got to fuck you.”

Regan stared up at her with intense eyes.  “Then fuck me,” she pleaded.

Mel moved over Regan, bringing one hand to caress the redhead’s neck.  She gripped the collar with gentle fingers, giving it a slight tug.  A subtle warning, nothing more.

“Are you telling me what to do?” Mel asked, her voice low and dangerous.

Regan shook her head, shining eyes locked to Mel’s.  Without breaking their gaze, Mel increased the pressure of her fingers just slightly.  It wasn’t enough to cause any pain, but it got her point across.

“Answer me,” Mel commanded.

“No,” Regan whispered.  “I’m sorry, I wasn’t telling you what to do.”

“Good,” Mel said.  She withdrew from Regan, back onto her knees, and then she forced Regan’s thighs apart.  She moved between them, gripping Regan’s hips in her hands, and then reached up to give the collar another gentle tug.  “Because I’m going to fuck you whether you want me to or not.”

Regan shivered at the words.  Mel bit back a grin, knowing what that kind of talk did for Regan.  The throaty promise had been designed for Regan’s pleasure.

“Do you understand?” Mel asked.  She traced a line down the center of Regan’s chest with one finger, over her abdomen and into the wet heat between her legs.  She circled Regan’s swollen clit for a few moments, admiring the deep pink flush of her slick flesh, and then moved down to enter her in one smooth motion.  “Do you understand?” she asked again.

Regan whimpered when Mel pressed inside, and then nodded vigorously.  “I understand,” she said.  “I gave myself to you.  You’re in charge.”

“That’s right,” Mel murmured.  She gave Regan a gentle smile, and then dropped her eyes to watch the finger that slid in and out of her lover with slow, deep strokes.  “You’re so wet,” she told Regan.  Pulling her finger out, she immediately pushed back inside with two.  “So greedy for my fingers tonight.”

“Yes,” Regan agreed.  She closed her eyes, moving her hips to meet Mel’s fingering.

Mel used her free hand to give Regan a sharp smack on one breast.  “Open your eyes,” she growled.  “I want you to watch me as I fuck you.”

Regan’s eyes flew open at the blow, and she found Mel’s face with wide green eyes.  “I’m sorry,” she whimpered.  “It just feels… so good.”

Mel reached her thumb up and rubbed at Regan’s clit.  “You just want to be fucked so bad, don’t you?” Mel asked.  She gave Regan a sympathetic smile, and then an amused smirk.  “Sucking cock gets my little slut nice and ready for me, doesn’t it?”

Regan nodded.  “Yeah.”

Mel increased the speed of her fingers, slamming into Regan with harder thrusts.  Regan gasped and writhed beneath the assault.  Hot wetness poured over Mel’s fingers. 

“You like my cock, don’t you?” Mel asked.  She drove her fingers into Regan again and again, reaching up with her fingertips to rub against the slightly rough spot she found without fail.

“I love it,” Regan cried out.  She arched her back, spreading her legs wide.

“You want my cock in your pussy?” Mel ground out.  Her teeth were clenched in an effort to maintain control in the face of Regan’s wanton arousal.  “Tell me you want my big, hard cock in that tight little pussy.”

“I want your cock,” Regan gasped.  “Please.”

Mel got up on her knees, stilling her fingers but keeping them inside her lover.  She scooted close to Regan, until the head of the dildo pressed against the hand that was buried inside the redhead.

“Please what?”

Regan swallowed hard, pinning Mel with frantic eyes.  “Please, baby.  I want your cock in my pussy.  I want you to… to fuck my pussy.”

Mel pulled her fingers out of Regan, eliciting a mournful whimper, and then guided the head of the dildo she wore inside.  Regan cried out as she was entered, and Mel moved slowly to make sure that the redhead felt every inch she was taking.

“How does that feel?” Mel whispered.

“Good,” Regan said.  She closed her eyes, and grimaced a little, gasping.  “Big.”

The dildo was a little larger than the one Regan had selected, larger than she normally used on the redhead.  However, they had used it before and Mel knew that Regan was particularly worked up this evening.  She was taking it without a problem, but half of the size issue for Regan, Mel knew, was mental.

I can play with that, Mel thought.

“I told you that my cock was big and hard for you, baby,” Mel said.  She stopped her hips when she was buried inside Regan, and then began a slow withdrawal of the thick toy.  “I’m so proud of you, taking it like this.  Your pussy…” only the head of the dildo remained inside Regan now, and Mel started a slow thrust back in the other direction.  “Your pussy feels so tight around me, baby.  It feels so good.  Does it feel good for you, baby?”

Regan opened her eyes, nodding.  “Yes,” she whispered.  “I feel so full.”

Mel groaned, continuing her slow thrusts.  She gripped Regan’s hips, holding her still while she fucked her.

“That’s because I’m filling you up, baby,” Mel murmured.  She increased her speed a little, drawing a satisfying gasp from Regan.  “I’m taking your tight little pussy because it’s mine.”  Regan moaned and squirmed within Mel’s grasp, moving on the dildo inside her.  “And you love it so much,” Mel continued.  “You love being fucked by my big cock… playing like it might be just a little too big… when you’re just a little slut who can’t get her legs open fast enough for me.”

Mel’s speech was growing more ragged as the effect of her increased thrusting radiated into her own body.  The end of the dildo buried deep inside of her was quickly bringing her close to her peak again.  From the way Regan writhed beneath her, she guessed that the redhead was close, too.

Mel leaned down until her breasts pressed against Regan’s, taking the redhead’s mouth in a hard kiss.  Her hips moved faster, pounding into Regan with steady strokes.  Mel pulled back from their kiss, gasping into Regan’s hair. 

“I want you to come for me, baby,” she hissed.  Mel cried out when she felt blunt fingernails dragged down her back, and soft thighs wrap around her hips.  She sucked at Regan’s neck, thrusting into her as hard as she dared.  “Come on, baby.”

Regan cried out, arching her back beneath Mel, and scratched and clutched at Mel’s body as she came.  The feeling of hot breath against her ear pushed Mel close to the edge, and she gave Regan’s pussy another few pounding thrusts before she found release.

They lay tangled together, gasping, for long minutes.  Mel stayed buried inside of Regan, eyes closed and nose pressed into her hair.  Regan was breathing hard, rubbing her hands up and down Mel’s back.  Her soft touch soothed skin that was still slightly raw from Regan’s frantic climax.

Mel pulled back and gazed down on Regan’s flushed face with a tender smile.  “Baby, you’re so sexy,” she murmured.  “I love you so much.”

Regan gave her a breathtaking smile.  “I love you, too,” she said.  She curled her hand around the back of Mel’s neck, pulling her down for a gentle kiss.  “That was so fucking hot.”

Mel chuckled.  “It’s not over yet,” she said.  She pushed herself up on her hands and then, shooting Regan an apologetic look, slowly pulled out of her.

Regan moaned as the dildo was removed, following Mel with her eyes when she stood up beside the bed.  “It’s not?” she asked.  She wore a lazy grin.  “I’m exhausted, woman!”

Mel raised an eyebrow at Regan, unhooking her harness and extracting the dildo from inside her own body with a soft sigh.  “Oh, you’re going to be even more exhausted when I’m finished with you.”

“Is that a promise?” Regan asked.

Mel gave Regan an amused smile, and then nodded down at her.  “Roll over.  I want you on your elbows and knees again.”

Regan did as told, her movements languorous and sensual.  Mel reached out to the nightstand and picked up the first dildo she had discarded, fitting it inside her harness.  It was smaller than the last, and Mel hoped it would work for what she intended.

“How do you feel?” Mel asked, kneeling on the bed behind Regan again.  “Relaxed?”

Regan hummed in pleasure, thrusting her body backwards in offering.  “Yeah,” she said.  “I feel really good.”

“How about your ass?” Mel asked.  She grabbed the bottle of lube from where it lay, forgotten, and squirted some on to her fingers.  She wasted no time rubbing it into Regan’s anus, circling the puckered flesh with gentle fingers.  “Are you ready for me to take your ass again?”

They both knew that one word from Regan would stop this.  Despite Mel’s posturing, they were both in charge.  Mel held her breath as she waited for the answer.

“Yes,” Regan whispered.  “It… it felt so good earlier.”

“I’m wearing your favorite cock,” Mel told her.  She slipped one fingertip into Regan’s anus, moving it in gentle circles.  She felt Regan tighten around her.

“My… my favorite cock?” Regan asked.

Mel reached up with her free hand and stroked Regan’s side and hip.  “Yes, baby… the black one that you picked out.”

“Oh,” Regan whispered.  She was silent as Mel worked her finger deeper inside her anus, sighing and relaxing after long moments. 

Mel smiled down on her lover.  “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Regan whispered.  “I… are you going to fuck my ass with your cock?”  She tightened around Mel’s finger again, and Mel slowed her strokes and squirted more lube onto her fingers. 

“Yes,” Mel said.  She let Regan process that for a moment, smiling when Regan again managed to relax around her finger.  “You can take it,” she encouraged.  “It’s not much wider than two of my fingers.”

Regan nodded, eyes pinned to the pillows below her.

“You’ve been so good for me tonight, baby,” Mel said.  She withdrew her finger, and then pressed two back inside her anus.  “Such a good little slut.”

Regan’s breathing hitched, and she pushed back against Mel’s fingers with a soft moan.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

Mel felt Regan further relaxing as she eased back into their dirty talk.  “I know you want my cock in your ass,” she said.

Regan rocked on her knees, responding to Mel’s tender thrusts.  “I… I love how you fuck me.”

“Does that mean you want my cock in your ass?” Mel asked.  She twisted her fingers a little as she entered and withdrew, feeling Regan opening up to accept her.  “You’re taking two fingers so easy, like such a dirty girl… do you want me to bury my cock deep inside your tight little asshole?”

Regan whimpered, nodding her head. 

“Say it,” Mel commanded.  She got up on her knees, positioning herself behind Regan’s body.  She never faltered in the motion of her fingers.  “Say it, baby.”

“I want you to fuck my ass… with your cock,” Regan gasped.

Mel withdrew her fingers from Regan, quickly grabbing the lube and slathering her dildo with it.  She added an extra squirt between Regan’s buttocks for good measure.

“Christ, that’s cold,” Regan said.

Mel chuckled, gripping Regan’s hips in both hands.  “I’ll warm you up,” she promised.  “I’m going to take this really slow.”

“Good,” Regan said.  She pushed her ass back, offering herself to Mel.  “I want it so bad.”

Mel gripped the dildo in her hand, pressing the head against the tight pucker of pink flesh that Regan presented.  She pressed against the ring of muscle gently, pushing forward and pulling back, working to relax Regan once again.  The cock slipped around in the wetness, and Mel concentrated on easing it forward where it needed to go.

“I want you to push back on my cock when you feel ready,” Mel murmured.  “You’re in control of this one, okay?”

Regan swung her head around to give Mel a grateful smile.  “Thank you,” she said.  She dropped her head again, took a deep breath, and then pushed herself back against the dildo. 

Mel held her cock steady, watching Regan’s anus slowly open to accept the invasion.  Her mouth dropped open as she watched Regan’s torturously slow progress.  After a moment she shook her head, and then she reached around and found Regan’s clit with her free hand.

“Oh, yeah,” Regan moaned.  She pushed back a little further, and then pulled forward again.  “That feels so good, baby.”

Mel felt awed by the size of Regan’s swollen nub, and by the way she could almost feel it throbbing beneath her fingers.  She rubbed at the redhead gently, still holding on to her cock with her other hand.

Regan continued a gentle rocking back and forth until she released a deep sigh and pushed herself back so that the head of Mel’s cock disappeared inside her ass.  Mel watched, rapt, her mouth open and breath coming in gasps.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” Mel groaned.  She kept her hand on the base of her cock, resisting the urge to thrust the rest of the way inside.  “You’re such a good girl, taking my cock in your ass like this.”

Regan nodded, and then pressed back again until at least half of the dildo rested inside her.  “It feels good,” she gasped.

“I…” Mel trembled, still stroking Regan’s clit.  “Baby, I need to fuck you.  I… can I move?”

“Yes,” Regan whimpered.  “Slow… fuck me, baby.”

Mel began to move then, slow and reverent, focused solely on making her fantasy good for Regan.  The sight of the slim black dildo disappearing again and again into Regan’s ass was driving Mel crazy; if she could make Regan come like this, she would be in heaven.

“You feel so good,” Mel said.  “So tight.”  She increased the pressure of her fingers on Regan’s clit, pushing inside her ass with short, gentle thrusts.  “I want to feel you come.”

Regan leaned forward on her elbows, surrendering to Mel.  “I’m close,” she murmured.  “I’m so close, Mel, keep rubbing me.”

Mel obeyed, circling the swollen flesh with her fingers, marveling at the heat and slickness of Regan’s center.  She felt Regan’s climax before it hit, and kept her pace steady both on her clit and in her ass while the redhead shook and cried out her release.  Regan collapsed onto the bed, ass still raised into the air, Mel still buried deep inside her.

Mel ran a worshipful hand over Regan’s back.  “That was beautiful, baby, thank you,” she whispered.  She had always wanted to try that with Regan, and it had been everything she’d hoped.

“I love you,” Regan answered.  A pillow muffled her voice.

Mel gripped Regan’s hips, ready to begin the unpleasant task of extracting her dildo from Regan’s body.  “Baby, you’re going to have to help me.  Help push me out, okay?”

Regan gave her a nervous chuckle and then a deep groan, forcibly relaxing and using her muscles to help ease Mel out of her tight anus.  Mel pulled out slowly, giving Regan a sympathetic squeeze on the hip when the redhead whimpered as the head came out.  Mel immediately began undoing the harness she wore, while Regan collapsed to lie flat on her stomach.

Mel dropped the harness and dildo on the floor beside the bed and reached out to turn Regan over where she laid.  The redhead’s green eyes were hazy and hooded, and she wore a satisfied smile on her flushed face.  Mel reached up and traced her fingers over Regan’s jaw, and then crawled atop her to give her a deep, slow kiss.

Regan moaned into the kiss, and then mewled in weak protest when Mel pulled away after a few moments.  Mel ignored Regan’s disappointment, dropping a trail of kisses down over her chin, her throat, her collarbones.  She found Regan’s breast with her lips, kissing around an erect nipple and then sucking it into her mouth.

“Mel–” Regan whispered.

“You’re still mine,” Mel said.  “And I’m not quite done yet.”

Regan stayed silent and allowed the sensual assault.  Mel licked and bit at first one nipple, and then the other.  She didn’t linger very long, however, and was soon kissing her way down a gently rounded belly and the curve of a hip.  The scent of Regan’s arousal was a heavy musk in the air, and Mel was pulled to it without thought.

“Oh, fuck,” Regan gasped at the first touch of Mel’s tongue to her wet pussy.  Her hand found its way into Mel’s dark hair, gripping lightly.  “Fuck, Mel, you’re gonna kill me.”

Mel sucked Regan’s clit between her lips and then shook her head, making Regan gasp in pleasure.  Releasing her clit, she murmured, “Not kill you, remember?”  She bent her head and swiped her tongue up the length of Regan’s center, humming at the sweet flavor that coated the redhead’s pussy and thighs.  “I just need to taste you, baby.”

Regan bucked her hips a little, pushing herself into Mel’s mouth.  Mel groaned loud, increasing the speed of her tongue.

“This isn’t… gonna take much,” Regan managed.

“Counting on it,” Mel said, her lips vibrating against Regan’s swollen labia.  She began licking and sucking again in earnest, driven by an intense need to feel Regan come in her mouth.

Regan was right.  It didn’t take long.  Only a couple minutes after Mel began, Regan let out a weak cry and her body tensed.  Her thighs shook with the strength of her orgasm, and Mel was rewarded with copious wetness that coated her cheeks and chin.  She grinned as she was bathed in it, happily lapping up all evidence of Regan’s pleasure.

Regan stopped her with a shaky hand in her hair.  “Mel, sweetheart, seriously… I need a break.  I’m really gonna die.”

Mel laughed, dropping one last kiss on Regan’s engorged clit.  “Yes, baby,” she said.  “I’m sorry… you just taste so fucking good.”  She glanced up at Regan, and then crawled her way up the redhead’s body to settle on top of her.  Tucking auburn locks behind one ear, she added, “And you’re so beautiful, baby.  Tonight… was beautiful.  Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” Regan said.  She gave Mel a lazy grin.  “Maybe I should be thanking you… that felt wonderful.”

Mel leaned down and kissed Regan, pouring every ounce of her feeling for the little redhead into the gesture.  “Merry Christmas, baby.”

Regan pulled Mel into a tight hug, tracing her tongue over lips that were still coated with her flavor.  “Merry Christmas to you,” she said.  “Did you like your present?”

Mel beamed.  “Yeah,” she said.  “It was even better than a remote-controlled car.”  This had been at the top of her Christmas list.

Regan raised a skeptical eyebrow.  “You’re sure?”

Mel gave her an enthusiastic nod.  “Oh, yeah,” she said.  “Definitely.”

“Good answer,” Regan said, chuckling.  “It looks like you just avoided coal in your stocking.”

“Hey, you’re the naughty one, not me,” Mel said.  She pointed at her own chest, giving Regan an innocent smile.  “I’m nice.”

“Oh, you’re nice, all right,” Regan murmured.  She slid her hands down Mel’s back until she found her buttocks, giving her a gentle squeeze.  “I love you, baby.”

Mel burrowed her nose into Regan’s neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it with a contented sigh.  “I love you,” she said.  “More every day.”