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    Okay, I first “discovered” you about two years ago in “Romantic Interludes 1” (I think I mistakenly called it Erotic Interludes 1 previously-oops, my bad). Soon after I looked for your work, purchasing, in order-“Erotic Interludes 2”, “Battle Scars” (still my favorite), “Thirteen Hours” (sweet and yummy), “Infinite Loop” (very sweet and almost 3 stories in one), and finally “The Night Off”. I’m not much for supernatural/scifi though I’m sure you’re just as good writing those (and I enjoyed your short story “Dark Springs”) so while waiting for your next novel, I may have to break down and get one of those. Thanks again for the great stories and I look forward to reading more.

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    I really enjoyed reading ‘WILD’ and was wondering if you wrote or are planning to continue the series?

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      I’m so very sorry not to have seen and replied to your comment earlier! I do hope to write a sequel for Wild, and even have a file full of ideas and notes for the story. That said, I’m not currently working on a sequel. But it’s definitely on my mind and I hope to find a good opportunity to work on it in the relatively near future.

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    I really love your books! I was wondering if you had any new books in the works or an idea when the next will come out. You are one of my favorite authors. Thanks!

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