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Born in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Meghan O’Brien relocated to Northern California in 2005.  As a transplant, she enjoys the moderate weather and gorgeous scenery of the Bay Area.  Meghan lives with her partner Angie, their son, cats, dogs, snakes and several tarantulas.  Yes, it can be just as chaotic as it sounds.

Meghan’s day job is as a software developer, but her real passion is writing.  From her humble beginnings creating numerous “books” out of construction paper and crayons as soon as she learned to write, to her several published novels and various anthology contributions, writing is what makes her feel most complete.


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    Love the new webpage! As I’ve told you before, I really enjoy your books and other “shorter” works. Keep it up, please!

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    Thank you, Barbara! I’m happy to finally have a functioning site, and am pleased to have someone notice so quickly. Thanks for the kind words, and for reading! 🙂

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    Hi Meghan, I thoroughly enjoyed your books “Thirteen Hours” and “The Night Off”. Can you tell us when your next book will be out and an outline? Many thanks in anticipation…

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    Great change in the site!

    When are we have a new book to enjoy?
    My favorite author.

    Big hug.


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    Any chance we will see a sequel to “Wild”? I am a fan of the book, I just felt like it ended abruptly after the plot conclusion and I wanted more couple time, I would love to see more of the characters. I also was wondering if you are working on anything now? Or if we will see any new novels from you soon?

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      My sincerest apologies for not noticing this comment sooner. I wrote Wild with the intention of one day following up with a second book in which we revisit Selene and Eve. I even have notes prepared for a follow-up… I just need to find a good time to work on the project. But I promise Selene and Eve have not been forgotten. 🙂

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    I recently read your novel, Wild, on audible and loved it! I agree that it would be great to see more books featuring Celine and Eve. I love them as a couple and really enjoyed the merging of many of my favorite categories of fiction– mysteries, paranormal and lesbian fiction. I am blind and so read audio books pretty much exclusively and there aren’t enough LGBT themed books on audio so was glad to see this available in an accessible format. I will definitely read more of your books.

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      Thanks, Jen. I’m glad you enjoyed the audio book version of Wild! I’ll admit, I haven’t worked up the nerve to listen to any of my own work. 🙂 I am hoping to revisit Selene and Eve again in the future. 🙂

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    Ms./Mrs. O’Brien,

    Hi, I just wanted to say that, as a fan of the genre who’s put in a ridiculous amount of money on physical prints from BS and BB over the years, I’m ashamed to have missed your work. You’ve got some of the strongest storytelling and consistently fire-like pacing I’ve had the pleasure of reading. ‘Wild’, for instance, is just absurdly fantastic. So many romantic thrillers along the same lines eventually forget or neglect the thriller aspect in favor of focusing on the romance, or the romance winds up as an afterthought (though this is normally a staple of hetero fiction). ‘Wild’ gets it just right, and :13 Hours’ managed to keep much the same pace _inside a single cramped space for nearly half the book_.

    Further, as a truck driver, I wanted to thank you for adding a selection of your books to Audible. My nights fly while listening to your books. I hope to eventually see all of them available.

    So that’s it. Just wanted to say you’ve got a dude-fan for life. You write them and I will buy them. Thanks for doing what you do.

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    Would absolutely add to the request for a sequel to Wild. Since about 10 minutes ago I’ve read all of your published novels, loved all of them. My favorite by far was the Night Off which reached a part of me that few novels have ever done before. But in Wild I found a story I loved with a dynamic between two people that was very powerful that has lots more room to explore. Would love you to revisit these two. Thanks

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    Hi there

    I just love you novel I have buy everyone that is out for iBook or kindle, I just want to tell you that my imagination go with you writing you are great, English is not my first language sorry if I spell something wrong but I love to read in English and you are one of my fevorist and thank you

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    Meghan, I absolutely love your stories. Infinite Loop is my favorite, followed closely by End Game. Your writing is wonderful! I hope to read more by you soon. (though I did just find ‘Soul Bonded’ and have that on my ‘soon to read’ list!) Thank you for the wonderful stories!

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    I have to say, that your books are the best. I’ve read the same books several times, and yet they can still surprise me. I’m sorry that my English is not so good. Google Translate sucks ass. But I’ve been able to read the books however. So without further speeches i say thank you and hello all the way from Finland 🙂 And of course, I look forward to the next book.

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